Bikers Film Man Being Trampled to Death by Elephant

The incident reportedly happened on a road in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. The man allegedly got too close to the wild elephant to take a picture, but the beast didn’t appreciate. The bikers filmed his demise and rode by filming his trampled body.

Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand

According to preliminary information, a 36-year-old local resident teased the predator with food. Everything happened with the province of Phetchaboon on Wednesday, August 2. A man named Nayfum Promatreae went with friends to look at the wild animals that the monks are holding in the local temple. Priests allow visitors to feed animals. Nayfum lowered … Continue reading “Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand”

Tiger Attacks Tourist at China Safari Park

Surveillance video a woman getting off passenger seat to argue with male on the driver’s seat while driving through the tiger enclosure at the Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing. The woman suffered serious injuries, but survived. Another woman who tried to help her was mauled to death.