Public Execution of Alleged Pedophile in Middle East

Video from undisclosed location in the Middle East shows the public execution of an alleged pedophile by shooting him multiple times in the back, while laying face down on the road. His bloody corpse is then suspended with a crane.

Four Men Executed by ISIS Child Soldiers

Video released by ISIS depicts the executions of four men by child soldiers. First two are executed by Arabic speaking children, the other two by Russian speaking ones.

ISIS Video Depicting Beheadings and Execution with Artillery Gun

Newly released ISIS video depicts the mujaheddin beheading several people, and in the end, executing a captive with an artillery gun. The video also contains flashbacks of previous beheadings.

ISIS Video from Mosul in Iraq – Deterring the Hired 2

ISIS has released a video from Mosul, Iraq titled “Deterring the Hired 2“. It depicts three sets of executions. Two are of alleged graffiti artists, and the last one is of alleged spies.

Jordanian Journalist Nahed Hattar Shot Dead as He Arrives at Trial for Insulting Islam

Journalist Nahed Hattar was killed outside court in Amman, Jordan where he was being tried for sharing cartoon entitled The God of Daesh on Facebook.