CCTV of Motorcyclist Getting Fatally Hit by Train on Double Crossing

CCTV video from undisclosed location, but could be China, shows a motorcyclist getting fatally hit by a fast train on a double-track crossing, because he only waited for a train to pass in one direction, but did not check if there was another one coming in the opposite direction.

Chinese Motorcyclist with Head Destroyed by Truck

Video from China shows the aftermath of a fatal accident, in which a motorcyclist died after a truck struck him down and destroyed his head by running it over.

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Rainy Day in Indonesia

Video apparently from Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal accident between a motorcyclist and an SUV in a rainy weather. The biker died on the road, as the SUV ended up in somebody’s roadside shop.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Garut, Indonesia – Mangled Remains Picked Up

Here’s the later bit of aftermath of the fatal traffic accident in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. It shows the mangled remains of the motorcyclist being picked up by the responders.

Drunken Motorcycle Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Brazil

CCTV video from Brazil shows a drunk motorcyclist without a helmet rear end a parked car. The fuck somehow survives as does his vehicle, so he mounts it again and rides away, leaving the scene with the damaged car behind. I wonder if he even remembers he pulled a hit and run after getting wasted.

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident – Flip Flop Worship Video

80% of this video is flip flop worship. The remaining 20% is footage of a young motorcyclist who died with cracked skull after apparently crashing while not wearing a helmet. I don’t know where this happened.

Girl Run Over by Crane for Riding Scooter Instead of Making Sandwiches

CCTV video from undisclosed location shows a young woman riding a scooter instead of making sandwiches in a kitchen and paying for it with her head. She tumbles on a curb and falls in front of a passing crane truck.