Aftermath of Fatal Collision Between Pickup Truck and Bus in Palawan, Philippines

Video from Palawan in the Philippines shows the aftermath of a fatal collision between a pickup truck and a bus. People who live in the area report many accidents happen on this stretch of the road.

Drunk Biker Bleeds from Mouth After Causing Accident in Philippines

Video from the City of Lucena in the province of Quezon, Philippines shows the aftermath of a traffic accident caused by a drunk motorcyclist. The biker is shown in the video bleeding from the mouth. He crashed into a trike mototaxi and seriously injured the driver. Exclusive video filmed by Best Gore member MissEve.

Car Crushed by Concrete Mixer in Quezon City, Philippines

Video from Quezon City in the Philippines shows a concrete mixer losing control and overturning. It landed on a passenger vehicle with five people inside. One died, four were taken to hospitals with various injuries. The accident happened earlier today – August 15, 2017.

Police Brutality in City of Mandaluyong, Philippines

At a police headquarters building in Brgy San Jose of the city of Mandaluyong,the Philippines, a pair of cops was filmed beating and threatening with firearms two curfew violators. One of the victims was able to turn on his cell phone camera and secretly filmed the abuse.