Man Beaten to Absolute Shits on Beach in Ceara, Brazil

Video from Ceara in Brazil shows a mob stomping and stoning a man with coconuts until his skull shatters. One man then tries to pluck his eye ball out. All of this happened on a beach with the vistas of the city not too far in the background.

Five on One Beating of Rival Football Team Fan Ends with Savage Stone to Head

CCTV video from Brazil shows a lone football fan being beaten by four fans of a rival football team. After the unfair beating, a fifth rival joins in and ends it with a savage rock to the victim’s head.

Cell Phone Thief Stoned by Mob Yelling Allahu Akbar in Kenya

Video from Mombasa in Kenya shows a mob clubbing and stoning man accused of stealing cell phones. The alleged thief was caught early in the morning after Ramadhan prayers and Muslims delivered street justice while yelling Allahu Akbar.