Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand

According to preliminary information, a 36-year-old local resident teased the predator with food. Everything happened with the province of Phetchaboon on Wednesday, August 2. A man named Nayfum Promatreae went with friends to look at the wild animals that the monks are holding in the local temple. Priests allow visitors to feed animals. Nayfum lowered … Continue reading “Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand”

Video Wuttisan Wongtalay Livestreamed on Facebook of Killing His Daughter and Himself

Here’s the video Wuttisan Wongtalay of Phuket in Thailand livestreamed on Facebook, showing him killing his 11 months old daughter and then himself, because his partner was a cheating whore.

Aftermath of Man Hanging His Little Daughter and Himself in Thailand

20 year old Wuttisan Wongtalay, of Phuket, Thailand, killed his 11 months old daughter and then himself after he found out that his partner 21 year old Jiranuch Trirat was cheating on him. He livestreamed the killings on Facebok. Here’s the aftermath video of the murder suicide.

Fatal Stabbing by Bag Snatcher Caught on CCTV in Thailand

Pair of bag snatchers assaulted a guy in Thailand, but because the guy fought back, the robber stabbed him multiple times, until a stab to the neck finished him off. The murder was caught on CCTV.