FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father

Video from Jeezah area in south Syria, near the Jordanian border, shows the members of All Jewish Army, also called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), although they are not Syrian and they oppose the free Syria, torturing a child they had kidnapped. The child’s father is a wealthy Syria and the kidnappers are asking his … Continue reading “FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father”

Harvest of Shadows – Executions and Beheadings by Jaish Khalid Army

Jaish Khalid Army is an affiliate of ISIS. In this video from Yarmouk near the centre of Damascus in Syria, the mujaheddin execute a group of four people and behead three.

Three Young Men Beheaded by ISIS in Wilayat al-Khayr, Syria

Newly released ISIS video titled “Descendants of Ibn Jubayr” shows the beheading of three young men in front of a transmission tower in Wilayat al-Khayr, Syria.

ISIS Video from Syria Featuring One Beheading and Execution of Ten Men

Newly released ISIS video allegedly from Syria shows the beheading of one man, and the execution of ten men by the mujaheddin.