Post Election Violence in Honduras

Honduras bet on November 26 to an unprecedented and atypical electoral process. Ten political forces were confronted by the seizure of power, in two well-marked tendencies: an ultraconservative right represented in the National Party and a left center represented by the Opposition Alliance and the Liberal Party. The country comes from an electoral vocation since … Continue reading “Post Election Violence in Honduras”

Brazilian Female Thief Punished by Having Her Hand Shot with Gun

Video from Brazil shows a female thief being punished by having her hand shot at with a gun. This is the first time we see a woman being punished this way, after seeing countless videos of men taking this type of punishment.

Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana

Argument over a fence placement lead to an armed altercation between disputing neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana. A firefighter an old man four times in the chest, but will not be charged because the video allegedly shows him acting in self defense. The wounded old man took the shots like a boss. He’s in critical … Continue reading “Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana”

Haitian Tells Gardener He’s Fucking His Wife, Gets Chopped in Arm with Machete

A Haitian who takes the woman to another Haitian gardener says this: I’m fucking your wife and I’m going to fuck your mom and you too pigeon! The gardener reacted violently and almost killed him with machetes. Google translate ^^

Aftermath of Machete Attack in Balsas, Brazil

A brutal homicide shocked the residents of 9th Street in the Bacaba neighborhood in Balsas. Around 13:00 a man identified as Adam Nascimento was stabbed to death. According to popular information the two victim and homicidal, had fought a speech a little before. Some curious people filmed the moment of the crime with the cell … Continue reading “Aftermath of Machete Attack in Balsas, Brazil”