Young Couple Kidnapped, Beaten and Set on Fire in Palhoça, Brazil

The Civil Police of Palhoça made searches this Wednesday (22) to the second victim of a barbaric crime that shocked the city. Bandits set fire to a couple in the early hours of Tuesday (22) in a thicket in the Pacheco neighborhood, near BR-101. The body of Rudimar Gonçalves Muller, 18, was found and identified … Continue reading “Young Couple Kidnapped, Beaten and Set on Fire in Palhoça, Brazil”

CCTV of Machete Assault on Pharmacist in Zefta, Egypt

CCTV video from a pharmacy in Zefta, Egypt shows a group of thugs assault the pharmacist with machetes, and ransack his business. One also sported a shotgun, but it looks like they just wanted to scare him, and not kill him.

CCTV of Collision Between Motorcyclists and Cement Mixer in China

CCTV video apparently from China shows an accident between a speeding pair on a motorcycle and a turning cement mixer. The biker managed to swerve enough to avoid getting crushed himself, and instead threw his passenger under the wheels of the truck. Some aftermath footage is included.

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Motorcyclist Crushed with Guts and Heart Out

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a motorcyclist was run over and crushed in such a way, that left him with pelvis broken, guts squeezed and heart ripped out.

Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms

The minor was seriously injured. Preliminary information from the authorities indicated that the fatal victim was a moneylender, but then it was confirmed that he was not. “It is an unfortunate case that comes to us where there is an attack against a person. He had a girl in his arms, he was driving a … Continue reading “Assassins Kill Man Who Was Driving with Child in His Arms”