Drunken Motorcycle Hit and Run Caught on CCTV in Brazil

CCTV video from Brazil shows a drunk motorcyclist without a helmet rear end a parked car. The fuck somehow survives as does his vehicle, so he mounts it again and rides away, leaving the scene with the damaged car behind. I wonder if he even remembers he pulled a hit and run after getting wasted.

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Young Girl on Bicycle Dies Mangled on Road

Video from undisclosed location shows a young girl who was apparently struck and run over while riding a bicycle on the road. Her corpse looks mangled, head displaced and innards spilled out.

Good Citizen Refuses to Assist Pigs in Abusing Fellow Citizen

A good, upstanding citizen who understand that when cops are around, they are up to no good did the right thing when he picked up his camera and began recording. All citizens should look out for each other when other citizens are being targeted by pigs. And then when the victim darted off, the good … Continue reading “Good Citizen Refuses to Assist Pigs in Abusing Fellow Citizen”

Guy Backflips from Roof of Apartment Building, His Friends Fail to Catch Him

Guy in undisclosed location attempts to perform a backflip somersault from the roof of an apartment building, but his friends on the ground failed to catch him, which is not something anyone without proper training could have done. He landed hard on the ground.

CCTV of Man Getting Gunned Down in Santa Inês, Maranhão, Brazil

The execution was registered around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday (14), in Nova Brasília street, in the Palmeira neighborhood, in Santa Inês. According to the images recorded by the security circuit that caught the action of the bandit, the man was together with friends in a moment of relaxation on the sidewalk of a commercial establishment, … Continue reading “CCTV of Man Getting Gunned Down in Santa Inês, Maranhão, Brazil”