Brazilian Man Riddled with Bullets After Being Beaten

Video from Brazil shows a man with blooded and swollen face apparently from earlier beating being riddled with bullets in a favela. I hear him say CV (Comando Vermelho) multiple times, though whereas I don”t speak Portuguese, I don’t know what context it was in.

Turkish Man Shoots Himself in Temple and Streams it on Facebook Live

Not sure how reliable my backinfo is, but apparently the star of this video is from Turkey. He’s an older man, who live streamed his apparent suicide on Facebook, by shooting himself in the temple with a small gun.

CCTV of Man Pushing Woman Onto Railway Tracks in Hong Kong

I admit, I LOL’d. The CCTV video from a train station in Hong Kong shows a man casually walking down the isle and when he comes near a woman, he nonchalantly pushes her onto the tracks and carries on like nothing happened. Brilliant.