Homeless Man Clubbed to the Brink of Death for No Reason

Google translate: A collector of rubble and homeless was brutally beaten with kicks, punches and blows on a dark street in the city of ApuĂ­, distant 453 km from Manaus, around 23h this Wednesday. He was found by local residents, with a deep blow to the head and other parts quite hurt by the authors … Continue reading “Homeless Man Clubbed to the Brink of Death for No Reason”

Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia

In Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia, a 30 year old male crashed his motorcycle and died. He wasn’t wearing a safety helmet and his skull split open after hitting it on the road.

Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping Under Big Truck

Dashcam video from Russia shows a man attempting suicide by jumping under the wheels of a large fuel truck. The man waited until the light changes from red to green, however the truck driver noticed and stopped before running over the guy, who then casually strolled away.