Aftermath of Deadly Plane Crash in Manaus, Brazil

Google translate: Novo Aripuanã’s elected mayor, Jocione Souza (PSDB), says he had to cancel the trip to the city on the eve of the accident and gave up boarding the plane that fell in a forest area in the Center-South Zone of Manaus, (7). “I’m very surprised,” he said. Souza says that he has made … Continue reading “Aftermath of Deadly Plane Crash in Manaus, Brazil”

Video of Manaus Plane Crash Survivor Being Found

Google translate: The Press Office of the Hospital and Emergency Room August 28 confirmed at 13:00 the death of Jefferson Luiz Juarez, 39, the only passenger to be rescued still alive after the fall of the Embraer Model 720 plane, which crashed Wednesday in the area Green zone between the neighborhoods of the Union and … Continue reading “Video of Manaus Plane Crash Survivor Being Found”

Recovery of Jefferson Luiz Juarez from Plane Crash Site in Manaus, Brazil

Jefferson Luiz Juarez was the sole survivor of plane crash in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. The video depicts the rescuers removing him body from the crash site to take it to emergency hospital. However, according to latest news, Jefferson Luiz Juarez succumbed.

Robbers Get Beat Up in Recife Subway

Google translate: A 20-year-old boy died and a teenager was injured during an attempted robbery at the Imbiribeira Station, on the South Line of the Recife Metro, around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday (6). According to the Military Police, the two were the suspects of the robbery and a third party managed to escape. Relatives learned … Continue reading “Robbers Get Beat Up in Recife Subway”

Young Man Has Throat Slashed with Machete by Friend in Colombia

Google translate: In the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, a fight between two friends of 17 and 16 years appears apparently by a cap. In the middle of the discussion one of them unzips a machete and causes a wound in the neck to the other, that minutes later would die bled.