Feminism Has Nothing of Value to Offer, So Proponents Seek Attention Through Extreme Behavior

Feminism has absolutely nothing of value to offer, so in their desperate quest for validation and attention, the proponents can do the only two thing women are capable of – take off their clothes and pull horse faces.

Epidemic of Female on Male Violence Expressed by Fat Woman Cheered on by Manginas

Video from undisclosed location shows a fat woman beating on a defenseless man as a group of manginas cheer her on. There is an out of control epidemic of female on male violence. Men are and have always been the primary victims of violence. It’s time to start taking it seriously.

Police Brutality Challenged by Female Privilege in Toronto, Canada

Canada is a feminist capital of the world, in which any challenge to female privilege is met with state sanctioned violence enforced by way of police brutality. But what happened when police brutality is challenged by female privilege itself?