Russian Taxi Driver Saved from False Rape Accusation by Dashcam

Video apparently from Russia shows a woman board a taxi cab and proceed to falsely accuse the driver of rape. The driver’s ass was saved by the webcam. Unfortunately, female privilege and gynocentrism allow women to falsely accuse men without repercussions, so unless the man has evidence to save his ass, he’s screwed. AWALT!

Canadian Woman Splashes Cleaning Solution on Guy, He Retaliates with Bucket of Mop Water

This happened at Lawrence East train station in Toronto, Canada. The short video shows a woman splash cleaning solution on a guy, who retaliates by dumping a bucket of mop water on her head. The Canadian cops are now looking for the guy, but have no intention to go after the instigator, apparently because she … Continue reading “Canadian Woman Splashes Cleaning Solution on Guy, He Retaliates with Bucket of Mop Water”

Indian Feminist Teacher Slaps Young Male Student 40 Times in 3 Minutes

Teacher who is not enough to hurt! The third class student was brutally assaulted by a teacher who was brutally assaulted by a third class student outside the scene. The shocking incident happened at a private school in Lucknow. The visuals of the teacher’s cruelty are widespread in the social media. Google translate ^^

Feminism Has Nothing of Value to Offer, So Proponents Seek Attention Through Extreme Behavior

Feminism has absolutely nothing of value to offer, so in their desperate quest for validation and attention, the proponents can do the only two thing women are capable of – take off their clothes and pull horse faces.

Epidemic of Female on Male Violence Expressed by Fat Woman Cheered on by Manginas

Video from undisclosed location shows a fat woman beating on a defenseless man as a group of manginas cheer her on. There is an out of control epidemic of female on male violence. Men are and have always been the primary victims of violence. It’s time to start taking it seriously.