Police Brutality Challenged by Female Privilege in Toronto, Canada

Canada is a feminist capital of the world, in which any challenge to female privilege is met with state sanctioned violence enforced by way of police brutality. But what happened when police brutality is challenged by female privilege itself?

Female Cop Fails at Policing and Gets Beat by Guy in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Video from Três Corações in Minas Gerais, Brazil depicts the incompetence of a female cop who gets her ass handed to her by some guy. She’s rescued by white knights, which is exactly what one would expect from a pussy whipped country like Brazil. On MISCOPY.com, the incompetence of female cops has been well documented.

How Garbage Collectors Deal with Female Privilege

A privileged woman filled up a dumpster with her junk, but refused to pay for garbage disposal. So the collectors dropped in to collect the dumpster, but before leaving, showed her that she’s not getting a pussy pass from the hard working men. Refuse and recyclable material collectors have the 5th most dangerous jobs in … Continue reading “How Garbage Collectors Deal with Female Privilege”