White Chicago Teen Forced by Blacks to Drink Toilet Water, Kiss Floor

This video is related to the previously released video of four blacks torturing a white, mentally challenged teen, and streaming his torture live on Facebook. In this video, they force the teen to drink toilet water, kiss the floor, say “Fuck Donald Trump” and “I Love Black People“.

Disgusting Race Mixing Propaganda Video Paid for by Canadian Taxpayers

A disgusting piece of racist, anti white propaganda titled “Beige Horizon” was produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the comedy show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”. CBC is funded with the Canadian taxpayers’ money. The video features Canadian colored actor Shaun Majumder. The video celebrates a future in which white people have been … Continue reading “Disgusting Race Mixing Propaganda Video Paid for by Canadian Taxpayers”

Violence Among Immigrants Leaves One Dead in Stockholm, Sweden

In multicultural Sweden, violence among immigrants is a daily occurrence. 35 year old Eritrean from the video below was shot dead by a fellow immigrant. Still, unless you feel culturally enriched by watching this video, you are a racist bigot anti semite women hater.