Multiple People Executed by ISIS in Yemen Using Variety of Methods

Excerpt from a video released by ISIS in Yemen shows multiple people executed by a variety of methods, including beheading, being shot with a rocket, being blown up on a boat, and having bombs set off around their necks.

Turkish Military Truck Blown Up by Kurdish Militants

Video released by the pro Kurdish media shows a Turkish military truck stop on the way up a mountain pass to search for possible IEDs. Soldier scanning the road determines it’s safe to go, so the driver proceeds, only to be blown up. In response, areas around ┼×emdinli have been declared “special security zones”.

Man Sets Patient on Fire in Albania Hospital

In the American Hospital in Tirana, Albania, a man identified as Lefter Canaj set on fire patient Dashamir Saraci after dousing him with gasoline. The man had previously argued over a position in line. Two female patients died form asphyxiation, the male who was targeted survived.

Brazilian Pro-Dilma Protester Climbs Utility Pole, Gets Electrocuted

Google Translate: Video To have a better view during the speech of the suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff this young man climbed into an electricity pylon. Warnings of bystanders he hit the crossbar. The man was electrocuted and died on way to hospital. The incident happened in the city of Aracaju in the northern state … Continue reading “Brazilian Pro-Dilma Protester Climbs Utility Pole, Gets Electrocuted”

Man in Shopping Mall Falls to Death After Cinema Staff Asked Him To Go Die

Man got into an argument with cinema staff at shopping mall in Guangzhou, China, because the wouldn’t exchange his movie tickets. The man then tried to scare staff after they asked him to “go die”, but accidentally slipped and fell to his death.

Israeli Soldier Accidentally Kills His Own in an Attempt to Execute Palestinian

Occupying Jew killed one of his own by accident, while trying to execute a Palestinian youth. Jews proceeded to bullshit the public by claiming that they were attacked by the Palestinian with a knife, but the leaked video shows they’re naught but a bunch of hook nosed liars – which is what everybody has long … Continue reading “Israeli Soldier Accidentally Kills His Own in an Attempt to Execute Palestinian”