Aftermath of Legs Shredding Motorcycle Accident in Bilimora City, India

Video from Bilimora City in Gujarat, India shows the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcycle. Two young men from the bike are shown on the road with legs severely injured.

Man Struggles to Stay Alive As His Intestines Spill Out After Stabbing

Video from Brazil shows a fight of sorts on a street that leads to one man being stabbed to a point of his guts spilling out. Some other men interfere and stop the stabber, but the victim is already down with guts out and a lot of blood spilled on the road.

51 Year Old Man Attempts Self Immolation in Public

Video from undisclosed location shows what I was told was a 51 year old man attempting a self immolation in public. He is seen setting himself on fire, but the flames were just big enough to case him pain, but may not have killed him.