Parliamentary Adviser is Executed While Going to the Gym

A 29-year-old woman was killed when she went to the gym on Friday morning, 9, in the Vila Velha neighborhood. Rafaela Bastos was a parliamentary advisor to Deputy Roberto Mesquita (PV) and was surprised by two men on a motorcycle on Mozart Lucena Avenue. One of the criminals got out of the vehicle and shot … Continue reading “Parliamentary Adviser is Executed While Going to the Gym”

Murder Witness Shot Dead by Assassins in Sonepat, India

The crippling imprisonment of the CCTV in the CCTV, entering the salon and killing the young man … The latest case is from the Sarsa village of Sonepat, where the bike rider 3 punkers entered the shop of a hair salon and shot the shop operator … According to the 3 bike rider, after entering … Continue reading “Murder Witness Shot Dead by Assassins in Sonepat, India”

Aftermath of Assassination of Indian Politician Narayana Reddy

53 year old Narayana Reddy was returning home after attending a marriage function when he was attacked by a large group of assassins. His follower, Sambasivudu, 36, was also killed, while his car driver and other members of his entourage managed to flee.

Wrong Man Assassinated by Hitman in Panama

Kali Samudio Castillo, 38, was killed by at least five bullet kills in front of Cecilia minisúper, located in the San Cristobal neighborhood of David, in the province of Chiriquí. The events occurred in the evening hours of March 30, when Kali arrived on a bicycle loaned to the establishment to buy a pacha (small … Continue reading “Wrong Man Assassinated by Hitman in Panama”

ISIS Video Showing POV Assassinations and Two Executions

Video released by ISIS shows the POV of mujaheddin assassinating people with silenced weapons. At the end, two men are executed, one by beheading.