John F. Kennedy Jr. Assassination Documentary by John Hankey

John F. Kennedy Jr. Assassination Documentary by John Hankey
John F. Kennedy Jr. Assassination Documentary by John Hankey

Created by by John Hankey, this John F. Kennedy Jr. assassination documentary explores various theories surrounding his untimely death, including the possibility that it was orchestrated by those responsible for the assassination of his father and uncle.

The video discusses the discrepancies in the timeline of JFK Jr.’s plane disappearance and the lies and deception surrounding the search and rescue mission. Additionally, a possible connection to the Bush family is explored, and doubts are raised about claims made by “the family” regarding JFK Jr’s flight license and the presence of a flight instructor on his plane.

The video challenges the official narrative surrounding the crash and presents evidence to suggest that there may be more to the story than what was reported.


In this section, the video discusses the Kennedy family’s history of opposing the military-industrial complex that was seeking to take over the government and end democracy, and how many of them were killed as a result. Joe, the eldest son, died fighting Nazis in Germany, while Jack died fighting the Nazis in the US. John F. Kennedy Sr. opposed the Vietnam War, an excuse for the military-industrial complex to loot the US treasury, and was subsequently assassinated.

Bobby Kennedy continued the fight against the military-industrial complex and was murdered after winning the California primary for the presidency. The murder was blamed on a lone nut, Sirhan Sirhan, but the coroner concluded that the fatal shot was fired from within one inch of Kennedy’s head, indicating the possibility of mind control and a decoy to divert attention from the real killer.


In this section, the video highlights John F. Kennedy Jr.’s life and work, explaining that he was not just a “harmless boob” but instead someone who fought for the truth and the interests of the people. His magazine, George, was a platform for smart and real infotainment, which sometimes included dangerous articles that exposed the corruption of the powerful, such as Oliver Stone’s piece on political assassinations.

Due to his potential to win political office, some believed that John’s death was orchestrated by his father’s killers, who feared that he would go after them. In addition, the video suggests that the presence of Mossad agents in the United States before his death was not a coincidence but was related to the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Ahud Barak.


In this section of the JFK Jr assassination documentary, John Hankey presents the idea that George W. Bush and his father George H. W. Bush are prime suspects in the death of John Kennedy Jr. due to their involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

John Hankey claims that after John’s death, George W. Bush lost in the New Hampshire primaries, but instead of the usual reactions, he received a significant increase in financial support, allowing him to smear McCain’s image and spread false rumors.

John Hankey asks why the establishment would overwhelmingly support Bush instead of siding with McCain, and postulates that they needed someone they could trust to assist them in executing the murder of three thousand Americans so that they could steal billions from the national treasury.

John Hankey also notes that George W. Bush was nowhere to be found when reporters asked for his response to the death of John Jr. and emphasizes that John was a responsible, intelligent, and good-hearted person, a stark contrast to the portrayal of him as an irresponsible drug user in some media reports.


In this section of the documentary, John Hankey questions how John F. Kennedy Jr., who was known for being a cautious and responsible pilot, could have ended up crashing into the ocean and killing himself, his wife, his sister-in-law, and possibly his unborn child.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the crash and found no evidence of mechanical problems or bad weather conditions. The radar report showed that the plane suddenly dropped as if someone had grabbed the controls and pushed them forward, leading some to believe it was a suicide.

However, there were indications that JFK Jr. was looking forward to fatherhood and had expressed optimism about his magazine’s future. The documentary also notes that the last few moments of the flight followed standard procedures until the sudden and unexplained dive into the water.


In this section, officials describe JFK Jr.’s final communication with the FAA as being at 9:39 pm on its final approach to Martha’s Vineyard, which requires the plane to pause at 2,500 feet, contact the tower, and receive permission to continue.

This is consistent with radar information reconstructed by the NTSB that was used to explain the plane’s last moments before crashing. FAA regulations require the agency to begin searching for a plane anytime it descends below 100 feet, and a search should have been started at 9:40 pm, five minutes after JFK Jr.’s final contact with the tower. However, reports show that the FAA and the Coast Guard went silent and the Pentagon took over news reporting, indicating a possible cover-up.


In this section, the video talks about discrepancies in the timeline of the events that occurred before and after the disappearance of JFK Jr.’s plane. The official coast guard spokesman reported that JFK Jr.’s plane was late in arriving at Martha’s Vineyard, but this report was later washed away.

Friends of Lauren Bessette, JFK Jr.’s sister-in-law, were expecting her at the airport at 9:30 pm, yet no one reported the plane missing until 2 am. FAA officials did nothing when contacted and even caused a U.S senator’s attempts to help correct the situation to be pointless. The reporters who tried to question these discrepancies were shut off from asking any further questions by the Pentagon who took over press coverage.


In this section, it is revealed that the Kennedy family first called the Coast Guard instead of the FAA to search for JFK Jr.’s plane. The Coast Guard contacted the FAA, which then contacted the Air Force. The Air Force then informed the Coast Guard that they were now in charge, sent them on a wild goose chase, and did nothing for five hours.

Eventually, Clinton was woken up and threatened to fire everyone in the Air Force if a search wasn’t underway within 15 minutes. Eventually, two planes and two helicopters were sent to search a 20,000 square miles area of the ocean. The FAA, however, did conduct some analytical work, including the NTAP radar analysis, which showed that the plane had gone down on the western approach to Martha’s Vineyard.


In this section, the video discusses the lies and deception surrounding the search and rescue mission for John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane after it went down. Colonel Steve Rourke, a helicopter pilot and former director of the Air Force rescue coordination center, was present at the rescue coordination center and lied about the search progress, even though he was intimately familiar with the radar tapes and end taps.

The video suggests that the military purposely kept the rescue craft out of the crash area, and they lost many crucial pieces of information. The emergency beacon or ELT that all civil aircraft is required to carry was activated and received via a network of satellites, but this information was not passed on to the rescue teams in the Coast Guard and the Civil Air Patrol. The video raises questions as to why the military and others involved in the rescue mission did not want the searches to know where to search.


In this section, the video highlights evidence of a concerted effort by the upper levels of the Air Force and FAA to prevent the search and rescue teams from locating the crash site of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane as long as possible. The bad guys created a false picture of JFK Jr. being an incompetent and careless pilot by manipulating events and hiding crucial information.

The missing pieces include the missing flight plan, all of Kennedy’s communication with the radar facilities along the route of his flight, and the battery of the plane’s cockpit recorder that preserved the final moments of the flight. Additionally, witnesses saw JFK Jr. talking on the phone before he took off, which raises questions about who he was talking to and what they were talking about. All these missing pieces could be part of the conspiracy to hide certain facts about the case.


In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the missing phone records and the intact aquamarine duffel bag discovered among the debris from the crash. The bag was assumed to contain John Kennedy Jr.’s flight log, which records who was on the plane.

The flight log and who was on the plane are crucial because insurance companies use them to determine whose policy they have to pay out on. The speaker emphasizes the importance of believing the earliest reports from accurate and credible witnesses rather than unsubstantiated ones that come later. The speaker also challenges the claim that John did not have the proper license to fly the plane, and explains that he was a qualified pilot.


In this section of the video, John Hankey raises doubts about the claims made by “the family” regarding JFK Jr’s flight license and the presence of a flight instructor on his plane. While “the family” suggests that JFK Jr did not have the proper license to fly without a flight instructor, John Hankey argues that JFK Jr was legal to fly under visual flight rules.

John Hankey also notes that JFK Jr had always flown with a flight instructor in the past, and had recently acquired a powerful new plane that required additional training. Witnesses report that JFK Jr, his wife Carolyn, and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette waited for 45 minutes at the airport before taking off, leading John Hankey to suggest that they may have been waiting for the flight instructor to arrive.


In this section, the video analyzes allegations surrounding JFK Jr.’s decision to have a flight instructor on his plane. Kennedy had passed his performance evaluation and written exam, but he needed to log hours, and because of his broken foot, which had the cast taken off the previous day, many people were worried about him flying alone.

Reports claim that he told Canadian business associates that he preferred to fly with a co-pilot, and his friend and co-editor at George magazine confirmed that he was flying with an instructor. Although this hasn’t been officially confirmed, the evidence supporting this theory is abundant. The video questions why this theory was thrown away in favor of ones that couldn’t be verified.


In this section, the documentary delves into the inconsistencies in the official reports of JFK Jr.’s tragic plane crash. It appears that there were attempts to cover up some aspects of the case. For example, a group calling themselves “the Family” infiltrated the Dallas police and spread baseless stories about JFK Jr.’s lack of a necessary flying license and the absence of a flight instructor.

The documentary questions why the media readily accepted these baseless stories. Additionally, the final report of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) featured a dramatic story that one of JFK Jr.’s flight instructors had offered to fly with him, but Kennedy declined, wanting to fly alone. The documentary examines the origin of this story and the problematic interview process between the NTSB and JFK Jr.’s flight instructor, in which an essential part of their conversation seemed to have gone missing.


In this section of the video, the speaker questions the inconsistencies in the NTSB investigation report of John F. Kennedy Jr’s plane crash, particularly regarding the supposed last conversation between JFK Jr and his friend, Michael Morena. Morena’s claim, although proven false by his own lawyer, was still included in the final report and covered by the media.

The speaker believes that this was a deliberate move by the “bad guys” to manipulate the news and hide the presence of a flight instructor on the plane, who they may have intentionally delayed rescue efforts for so they could recover the body and alter the wounds of JFK Jr’s father. The presence of an unseen hand is evident to the speaker, proving that there was a cover-up.


In this section of the video, the focus is on the fuel selector valve found in the off position when John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane went into a headfirst disastrous plunge towards the sea leading to his death. The video explains that an airplane fuel selector valve is used for distributing the weight of the gasoline evenly on the plane during the flight, which is important to keep the weight evenly distributed.

The video discusses how the fuel selector valve found in the off position is strange and mind-boggling, and how it is impossible for John or someone on the plane to have randomly fiddled with the valve. The video also explains how an engine failure alone would not cause a plane to make that kind of spectacular dive, and how the idea that John turned off the fuel selector valve is not plausible.


In this section, the importance of the fuel selector valve and its safety features on airplanes is explained. The valve has an off position that can only be turned off in an emergency situation by holding down a special button while simultaneously turning the valve. Although it is a safety feature, it is impossible to accidentally turn off.

The fact that the valve in John Kennedy Jr.’s plane was in the off position is seen as suspicious and raises questions about how it could have happened. The article also discusses the radar analysis of the crash and suggests that someone on the plane may have intentionally crashed it by grabbing the controls and pushing them forward. The question of why the NTSB did not pursue this possibility further is also raised.


In this section of the video, the speaker ponders the idea that someone on JFK Jr.’s plane may have committed murder-suicide and purposely turned off the fuel valve.

The speaker talks to a flight instructor who tells him that strange things can happen, and mentions another tragic event where a maniac pilot turned off the fuel valve causing a plane to plunge into the ocean, killing 217 people. However, there are alternative theories regarding what happened to this particular flight, including the possibility of the pilot being a Manchurian candidate and being programmed to commit the murder-suicide.


In this section of the video, John Hankey discusses the idea of mind control and how it has been utilized by the CIA for the past 50 years under the name MK Ultra. This program aimed to create “Manchurian candidates” or individuals who would be programmed to carry out political assassinations without remembering anything about their programming.

John Hankey suggests that many high-profile assassinations, such as those of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and John Lennon, may have been carried out by Manchurian candidates. John Hankey then questions the likelihood of two separate pilots from two different countries both deciding to commit suicide by crashing their planes and then turning off the fuel valves. This coincidence is deemed highly unlikely, leading John Hankey to suggest that the pilots may have been programmed by the same people who carried out the Manchurian candidate experiments.


In this section, the speaker reflects on the reason for their search and their hope for evidence to develop a theory that would explain the facts of the JFK Jr. assassination in a manner that wasn’t ridiculous. He compares the incomplete evidence of the assassination with the incomplete evidence of Galileo’s theory of the solar system, which over time became widely accepted even though it was not fully provable.

The speaker then puts forward the theory that the flight instructor on JFK Jr.’s plane was programmed to crash it into the sea, which is supported by all the evidence available. This theory, he argues, is more reasonable and makes more sense than the NTSB’s theory that an experienced pilot crashed the plane for no reason.

The speaker also suggests the plan was to commit the perfect crime and whisk JFK Jr.’s body away, but the bad guys messed it up by delaying the search and rescue mission. The evidence for this delay lies in the fact that the end tap location was withheld from the coast guard and the civil air patrol for 15 hours.


In this section of the video, the evidence is reviewed and presented as a two-step process for bringing charges against George W. Bush for the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. The evidence includes JFK Jr’s potential to seek high government office and his real threat to those who had killed his father, the oral mafia support earned by Bush Sr. for participating in JFK Sr.’s murder, and Bush Jr.’s own place at the table with the mafia.

The evidence also suggests that the dark lord supported Bush Jr. over John McCain, the FAA ignoring Senator Kennedy, and the lies of Colonel Rourke. Bush Jr. would need to provide a reasonable alternative explanation for these events and his whereabouts on July 16th, 1999, but he doesn’t have one.


In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the need for George Bush to provide a credible alibi for the weekend that John Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed. The speaker suggests that if Bush’s alibi is proved to be a lie, he will be convicted just like any other person accused of murder based on circumstantial evidence.

The speaker goes on to discuss the sick, criminal mafia that has been infesting the United States and the world, responsible for everything from state-sponsored race-based slavery to the Vietnam War. The speaker urges viewers to fight this dehumanization and take action, stating that they are soldiers on the front line in a war for the very future of humanity.

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