CCTV Footage of Man Hammering People on Street in China

CCTV video from China shows a man beating people on the street with what looks like a hatchet. As he’s hammering their heads, a woman riding by stops and tries to stop him. He hits her a few times, but turns focus back on his marks. She insists on defending them, so he hammers her … Continue reading “CCTV Footage of Man Hammering People on Street in China”

CCTV of Assassination in Fortaleza, Brazil – Cyclist Tries in Vain to Run

According to information, a man known as “Moises” was executed today in the Bairro Parque Rio Branco in Fortaleza by two men who got out of a car firing. There is information that the crime has to do with fights of the factions that dominate Fortaleza. Watch the video. Google translate ^^

Pharmacist Shot Dead by Disgruntled Customer in Brazil

According to information this mourner went to the pharmacy and did not sell the medication without the prescription, he went up to the house took the gun and said he would kill the pharmacist the mother tried to stop and he shot the mother and went to kill the pharmacist. Google translate ^^

CCTV of Security Guard Getting Shot During Bank Robbery in Minas Gerais, Brazil

This video is related to the video of a military policeman getting gunned down by bank robbers in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The same robbers killed the security guard in the bank they robbed, as shown in this CCTV footage.