Snoop Dogg Apparently Murdered Young Man in 1993 and Got Away with It

Snoop Dogg Apparently Murdered Young Man in 1993 and Got Away with It
Snoop Dogg Apparently Murdered Young Man in 1993 and Got Away with It

Do I have a juicy story here! Snoop Dogg, the rap legend, was apparently involved in murder back in 1993. But don’t worry, he got away with it thanks to some missing evidence and a whole lot of shadiness involving crooked cops and Death Row Records. And if you thought that wasn’t enough, Snoop even released a song and short film called “Murder Was the Case” where he sells his soul to the devil for an acquittal. How edgy and rebellious, right? So basically, if you want to get away with murder, just pay off some cops and hire some shady security services. All in a day’s work in the music industry!

For Real

The video explores the 1993 murder case of Philip Woldermariam and the subsequent trial of Calvin Brodus (Snoop Dogg) and his bodyguard McKinley Lee. The investigation and trial were surrounded by shady connections to crooked cops, which led to evidence going missing and resulted in Snoop Dogg getting away with murder via obstruction of justice.

The video also delves into the involvement of Death Row Records and their connection to corrupt police officers, including Kevin Gaines and Suge Knight’s ex-wife Sharitha Knight, who allegedly received payments from Snoop to provide cop security.

The video further suggests that Suge Knight paid for anything he could to help Snoop beat the case and that the music industry sensationalized the murder for publicity for Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album.

The video highlights how key evidence, including Woldermariam’s bloody clothing and shell casings, went missing from the LAPD evidence locker. The missing evidence would have revealed whether shots came from Snoop or his bodyguard.

The video ends by discussing how shady connections to crooked cops led to evidence going missing and influencing the trial, ultimately leading to Snoop Dogg’s acquittal on all charges.

I started each paragraph with “The video…

Calvin Brodus (Snoop Dogg) also allegedly drugged and raped a makeup girl in the dressing room back stage while preparing for a late night show interview. He and his entourage apparently took turns raping the makeup girl after she passed out from being drugged.

Let’s Sing Along

Snoop Dogg, murder on the loose
Evidence missing, shadows and truths
Crooked cops, tied to Death Row
Obstruction of justice, let it all go

MTV Awards, debut album on top
Exploiting tragedy, just to sell a lot
Suge Knight, paying off to win
Orlando Anderson, not really a sin

Witnesses change, fear of reprisal
Murder charges dropped, justice in denial
Catchy song, to summarize this tale
Shadiness and connections, not for sale.

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