Video of Easter Sunday Killing Broadcast Live on Facebook from Cleveland

On April 16th 2017, Steve Stephens of Cleveland, Ohio broadcasted himself on Facebook Live killing a random elderly man on a street. Before the murder, Stevie Steve says “find me somebody that I’m about to kill.” He then walks up to the elderly man and tells him what is about to happen to him is … Continue reading “Video of Easter Sunday Killing Broadcast Live on Facebook from Cleveland”

MOAB Attack on Afghanistan Ordered by Dear Leader to Regain Control of Opium Trade

Dear Leader ordered the bombing of a tunnel built by the CIA in Afghanistan with a Mother of All Bombs. This happened in Achin District, which according to wikipedia is the largest poppy producing area in the region.

Cop Assaults and Chokes Guy for Jaywalking in Sacramento, California

In Sacramento, California, a cop assaulted and choked a man without provocation for jaywalking. The victim was identified as Nandi Cain Jr. The video was filmed by Naomi Montaie, who lives in the same residential neighborhood and even not related to the victim by blood, refers to hm as “nephew”.