Documentary About How Jeffrey Epstein Struck Questionable Plea Deal with Alex Acosta

Documentary About How Jeffrey Epstein Struck Questionable Plea Deal with Alex Acosta
Documentary About How Jeffrey Epstein Struck Questionable Plea Deal with Alex Acosta

The YouTube video “How Jeffrey Epstein Got Away With It” explores the story behind Jeffrey Epstein’s examination, trial, and conviction for federal sex trafficking involving minors. The video highlights the questionable plea deal struck with Epstein by Alex Acosta, the Chief Federal Prosecutor for Southern Florida, and the implications it had on the justice system. The documentary also examines the case from the perspective of intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA and Israel’s Mossad, and their alleged involvement in it. The video raises questions about the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death in 2019 and suggests alternative explanations for it.

Acosta was the Chief Federal Prosecutor for Southern Florida from 2005 to 2009, and his job was to ensure that criminals went to jail. He was portrayed as a person of integrity and an honorable guy, who caught the attention of former president Donald Trump. However, he refused to answer questions during his Senate confirmation hearing for the Secretary of Labor position, and the Senate was concerned about a particular case involving Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein was a friend of presidents and high-profile lawyers who was arrested on new sex trafficking charges and waiting trial for federal sex trafficking involving minors. Acosta gave Epstein the plea deal of the century, which excused underage sex trafficking, and allowed Epstein to walk free.

When Acosta was being interviewed for the job of Trump’s labor secretary, he was asked about the questionable plea deal, and he said that he was ordered to stand down immediately because Epstein belonged to intelligence. The current US Attorney General cannot order a US Attorney to stand down unless he is elected by someone who is not part of the judiciary.

According to Nick Bryan, an expert reporter on the Epstein case, only the president or the Attorney General has the power to order a US attorney to stand down. There have been four presidential administrations that have covered up the Jeffrey Epstein case, and now, the Biden Administration is covering it up. The American government is aiding the embedding of child trafficking by not investigating Jeffrey Epstein.

The evidence potentially connects Jeffrey Epstein to the CIA and Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. The film highlights how it was possible for one man to be protected and supported by the entire US government and how Epstein’s lawyers at Morgan and Morgan fight to give victims the best shot at compensation.

The film also discusses how lawsuits can be expensive but that victims of abuse can receive compensation with the help of law firms. The film explains how Epstein’s case was yanked away from the Palm Beach Police Department and given to a grand jury, where a special prosecutor was responsible for showing the grand jurors the evidence necessary. However, the film argues that the grand jury was corrupt and that the special prosecutor, Barry Cromwell, called only one victim and skewed her credibility.

The speaker then discusses the background of Jeffrey Epstein and how his victims were repeatedly molested and became addicted to drugs. The system in place allowed the perps to go unpunished once they became “unmarketable” and their damaged credibility would compromise them.

When the grand jury didn’t indict Epstein on a single count of child abuse, the Palm Beach Police Department and its chief Michael Ryder went to the feds and claimed it was a cover-up. They didn’t prosecute him, despite having a list of 32 victims, due to pressures from high up, possibly the President or the Attorney General. The outrage over Epstein’s lenient plea deal and lack of punishment raises questions about the justice system’s dealings with high-powered individuals, prompting some to question the existence of a “VIP justice system” in the United States.

The speaker claims that Epstein was a professional con man with access to people, money, and young girls, and that the government targeted him due to his exploitative and blackmailing behavior. The speaker also suggests that Epstein was meeting with Joe Biden’s CIA director and that he was recruited for his intelligence work due to his predilection for underage girls and his charm, deceitfulness, and sociopathic tendencies.

The speaker further claims that Epstein’s case makes more sense when viewed from the perspective of an intelligence operation, and that the sweetheart deal he received in 2006, the prison cell cover-up, and the disappearance of his tapes are all explained by his status as an asset. Finally, the speaker points to the recent raid on Epstein’s Caribbean island and the discovery of tapes there as evidence of his intelligence work. The speaker is Stuart Kaplan, a retired FBI special agent.

Jeffrey Epstein was later convicted as a registered offender, but despite this, he was able to maintain relationships with politicians, CEOs, and public figures, who should have had no interest in him. The speaker suggests that these actions may be due to threats or blackmail from intelligence agencies, as Robert Maxwell, Epstein’s closest confidant, was believed to have been working for Israel’s version of the CIA, Massad. The speaker also mentions the possibility that Epstein was able to blackmail powerful figures due to the intelligence apparatus behind him, making it clear that his actions were not possible without this support.

The documentary makes claims that Robert Maxwell, an Israeli-born British media tycoon, had spilled confidential nuclear information about Israel, which led to his kidnapping and imprisonment for 18 years. After his death in 1991, Maxwell’s close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and alleged involvement in intelligence work are speculated upon.

Maxwell’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, is also discussed, highlighting his role in securing Epstein’s plea deal in 2008 and his close friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The video posits that Epstein’s downfall, which took place in 2019, was a result of his growing arrogance and his use of blackmail to maintain power, ultimately outliving his usefulness.

The opinion is then discussed regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death in 2019 while he was awaiting trial. While it is widely believed that he committed suicide, the speaker argues that there is a larger conspiracy at play and that other co-conspirators, particularly federal agencies such as the CIA, are responsible for his death. The speaker also raises questions about Epstein’s lifestyle and funding, pointing out that he was known to have only two known clients and had a close relationship with Leslie Wexner, a wealthy CEO with ties to organized crime. The documentary however fails to consider the most likely possibility that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive and his death was faked.

At the end, the speaker argues that Epstein was compromised himself and that his allies, including Wexner, implemented a system of secrecy and control to keep people from investing with him. The speaker also references the Epstein House of Horrors and the victims’ compensation fund as efforts to cover up his crimes. The speaker then introduces, an organization aimed at taking accountability for Epstein’s crimes and protecting children from similar harm.

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