Very Light Hand Slap for Female Thief Caught Stealing in Favela

Video from Brazil shows just how cucked the Brazilian manginas are. They caught a thief stealing in the favela, but because the thief was female, she got away with a very light hand slap. A guy would have his hand fucked up beyond repair.

Man Struggles to Stay Alive As His Intestines Spill Out After Stabbing

Video from Brazil shows a fight of sorts on a street that leads to one man being stabbed to a point of his guts spilling out. Some other men interfere and stop the stabber, but the victim is already down with guts out and a lot of blood spilled on the road.

Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole

Police and military firefighters are carrying out searches in the mangrove and mouth of the Ceará River (west of Fortaleza) this afternoon, in an attempt to locate the bodies of three young men who were tortured, killed and decapitated by bandits of the faction criminal State Guardians (GDE) last week. Yesterday afternoon (5), rumors that … Continue reading “Kid Gets His Arm Chopped Off Inside Muddy Hole”

Motorcyclist Films on Helmet Cam Fall of Another Motorcyclist

An accident involving a motorcyclist is being publicized on social networks and calls attention to the dynamics of the fall. A man travels on a motorcycle at high speed in front of another motorcyclist on Avenida Osório de Paiva. When trying to overtake the driver, he loses control and falls on the track. The fall … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Films on Helmet Cam Fall of Another Motorcyclist”