Moment of Contact – 2022 Documentary on UFO Crash in Varginha, Brazil

Moment of Contact - 2022 Documentary on UFO Crash in Varginha, Brazil
Moment of Contact - 2022 Documentary on UFO Crash in Varginha, Brazil

The “Moment of Contact 2022 – The Roswell of Brazil” video documentary delves into a UFO event that took place in Varginha, Brazil, in 1996, when a UFO allegedly crashed and its occupants were seen walking through the town. This event is considered by many to be one of the best-kept secrets in Brazilian military circles.

The filmmakers meet with witnesses, including Carlos De Sosa, who describes picking up a piece of the wreckage and being approached by the military. They also visit the exact location where an encounter with a mysterious creature occurred and show artist renditions of the creature.

The video questions the moment of contact with the alien’s eyes and explores the capture of two beings that occurred before the girls’ encounter. The team meets with various witnesses and individuals involved in the incidents to gather information and investigate further.

The video also includes stories from American officials who witnessed a large disc-shaped object with zero noise, Brazilian witnesses who saw strange occurrences and unusual activity, and military personnel who transported extraterrestrial beings in Varginha, Brazil. The speakers also discuss witnesses’ reluctance to talk about their experiences and their theories about why extraterrestrial beings haven’t made contact with humans.


In this section of the video, we learn about the 1996 Varginha UFO incident that received international attention when strange creatures were reported by military and civilians in the town of Varginha, Brazil. The case is considered the most well-kept secret in military circles of Brazil. James Fox teams up with Brazilian researcher Marco Leal to investigate the alleged crash and reported bodies, and they meet with Cynthia Kovo in Sao Paulo, who is the daughter of one of the most famous UFO researchers in Brazil to go over the case. Their objective is to find out what happened and where the debris ultimately ended up.


In this section, the video discusses several UFO sightings and encounters, including the 1996 Varginha incident where an unidentified flying object allegedly crashed and its occupants were seen walking through the town. The video also showcases several artist renditions of the UFOs and encounters, along with photos captured by witnesses and military personnel. The video discusses previously classified Brazilian Air Force documents that contain accounts of several UFO sightings and encounters of both civilians and military personnel. Overall, the video highlights the significance of Varginha as one of the best locations for UFO sightings.


In this section, a group of filmmakers travels to Varginha to investigate an alleged UFO crash that happened in 1996. They come across a town that embraces the story and uses a flying saucer monument as a clear indication. Armed with signs, they take to the streets and ask locals for their thoughts on the incident. The filmmakers ask people to suspend judgment, listen to the testimony, and draw their own conclusions. The intensity of the investigation increases as they gather more information.


In this section of the video, the investigators look for details about the UFO sightings and meet with the mayor of Varginha to ask if he believes in the accounts. The investigators are amazed at the number of people who came forward despite it being only an hour and a half, and how recent the case was, making the witnesses’ accounts more compelling. The mayor eventually reveals that he believes in the Varginha UFO case. The investigators reflect on how far they’ve come in the past decade and the progress in transparency and belief in UFO sightings.


In this section, a witness of the 1996 crash named Carlos De Sosa describes a similar object in an exclusive interview. The team travels with De Sosa to find the crash site, but they can’t seem to locate it despite looking for a white small house. They wonder if the house is still there, but decide to move on and keep searching.


In this section of the video, a group of individuals is seen walking through a field in search of a house that was destroyed in a UFO crash. They discuss the distance between the crash site and where the house used to be and note the presence of trees in the area. Eventually, they spot a house near the trees and drive closer to it. Upon arriving, they encounter individuals who are already there and discuss the debris from the UFO crash that can be found in the surrounding area. The question is raised as to whether the object was big enough to have possibly contained beings.


In this section, a witness named Carlos De Sosa discusses his experience at the crash site and being approached by the military shortly after. He recalls picking up a piece of the wreckage which was light and shaped oddly, before being confronted by a soldier who ordered him to leave. De Sosa vanished for 26 years following the incident, but later returned to the site with a group of friends and encountered a military blockade which they attempted to push through. The section ends with a tense standoff between the group and the military.


In this section of the video, a group gains access to the exact location where an encounter with a mysterious creature occurred in January of 1996. The location was shut down to the press by the military at the time of the incident. They believe that filming the girls’ testimonies at the location will invoke more accurate and genuine responses. Reports of the incident gained attention from media outlets across Brazil and abroad.


In this section of the video “Moment of Contact 2022” on YouTube, the artist Betty Rodriguez draws a picture of the alien being based on the 1996 encounter the three women experienced. The women were eight feet away from the creature in broad daylight, and the artist emphasizes the importance of the alien’s eyes in the drawing. The video poses questions about the moment of contact with the alien’s eyes and whether the women felt threatened or were merely scared because they did not know what they were looking at.


In this section of the video, the team discusses the events that occurred immediately following the sighting by the three girls. Military police officers Eddie Lopes and Marco Teresi drove down the road on the lookout for something unusual and suddenly the creature ran right across their path. Teresi captured the creature with his bare hands and took it to the hospital. However, after the capture, Teresi developed a strange feeling over his body, which led to an infection that killed him.


In this section, the video discusses the Varginha episode of UFO sightings and possible alien contact that occurred on January 20, 1996. Renowned UFO researcher Dr. Roger Lear traveled to Varginha in June 2002 and documented multiple key witnesses on video, including the wife of a deceased member of the military police. There was also a mention of a medical report that was difficult to obtain and may have been incomplete. It remains unclear if Marco was the only person to get infected and die or if there were others, but there was detailed information about the existence and capture of two creatures that were involved in the incident.


In this section, the video discusses the capture of two beings on January 20th, which occurred before the girls’ encounter. The fire brigade captured the first being, which was investigated by a leading Brazilian researcher and lawyer named Ubi Rodriguez. Dr. Lear and Rodriguez questioned the fire battalion involved in the capture and observed the equipment used by them in response to reports from concerned residents who claimed to have seen something strange in the area. The team also met with a family who witnessed a UFO hovering above the area of the encounter and capture but did not want their identities to be revealed.


In this section, a group of American officials are discussed, who reportedly visited an area and talked about what they saw. The group included an entire family who witnessed a large disc-shaped object with zero noise. Witnesses included friends of a doctor who rented a house where the sighting occurred, and they seemed to be eager to share their experience after keeping quiet for 26 years. The area also had unusual activity and sightings at the same time as the visit.


In this section, witnesses share their stories about strange occurrences in Brazil. In one instance, a radiologist is visited unexpectedly by the military while on duty at a hospital, and they bring a black body bag containing an unknown object. Later, a witness involved in the transportation of an extraterrestrial being shares their experience. These strange occurrences remain unexplained.


In this section, a team sets up a meeting with a former military member, known as Military X, who claims to have handled an extraterrestrial being. The team is nervous about the military finding out and causing harm to Military X or his family. They coordinate a meeting at a hotel and make sure to keep their cameras off until they reach the room. Military X provides enough detail about operations he was involved with in the Varginha case.


In this section, the speaker discusses a witness named Military Mack, who shares his experience of driving a creature from a hospital to an Army base in Varginha in 1996. The witness claims that the military was involved in this operation, and there may be footage of the creature that the witness knows about. The speaker does not provide any additional information about the creature or why it was being transported by the military.


In this section, military X reveals that he transported a creature from a hospital in Varginha to a military base in Tres corazones, from where it was taken to the sbsx Army base in the city of Campinas by a convoy the following day. The team then meets with Brazilian Air Force traffic control officer Jose Manuel Fernandez, who confirms that his unit was responsible for monitoring specific airspace over the state of Sao Paulo and that only Americans were involved in the case.


In this section, the team seeks to find Eric Lopes, a military police Corporal who reportedly drove the car during the second capture of Marco Chedesi. They receive assistance from Varginha mayor, Vergie, and are introduced to Mr. DeCosta and his son, who agree to escort them to the home of Eric Lawrence. Lopes has been unreachable and has not given a statement about the incident, making him the only living witness of the second capture. Not even the family of the deceased officer has been able to get a statement from Lopes, raising suspicions about his involvement.


In this section, a group of individuals plan to speak with Eric Lopez at his home, who one of them believes is connected to a recent crime. They speculate that if someone does not live at this property, they will be shot. After successfully making contact and discovering Eric Lopez is present, they discuss the importance of his involvement in the crime and how their interview went.


In this section, a man’s story is discussed about him having a level of confirmation that only a few people on the planet have. The man admits that it feels foreign to him and is a problem. The scene then switches to a press conference held on May 8th, 1996 where witnesses and media were mounting pressure on the military base Ezra. General Lima addresses the crowd and is asked if he can help with the problem, to which he responds foreign and refrains from saying the word “magic”.


In this section, witnesses of a UFO sighting in a town were not isolated, with several people including young girls and firefighters seeing something extraordinary. The speaker also suggests that the United States may have paid to pick up the wreckage of the incident, which occurred outside the country. The speaker then shifts to discussing the Varginha case, which they believe is more important today as some of the events have not yet unfolded. They also mention a friend who saw something in a similar incident years ago.


In this section of the video, the speakers discuss the reluctance of witnesses to talk about their experiences 25 years after a certain event. They express disbelief that even compensation hasn’t convinced them to speak on camera and speculate about what may have been said to keep them silent. The speakers also briefly touch upon the reason why extraterrestrial beings haven’t made contact with us, jokingly suggesting that humans are too aggressive.

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