Moon Landing Debunked in 3 Minutes by Bart Sibrel

Moon Landing Debunked in 3 Minutes by Bart Sibrel
Moon Landing Debunked in 3 Minutes by Bart Sibrel

The video features Bart Sibrel who questions the authenticity of the moon landings carried out by NASA in the 1960s using outdated technology.

Bart Sibrel argues that the shadows in the supposed photos from the moon are inconsistent with the sunlight shadows on the Earth, which implies that the photos were taken inside a television studio on Earth.

Furthermore, Bart Sibrel claims that if NASA was able to achieve such a feat with the outdated technology in the 1960s, then it should be even easier for them to do the same or more currently, but that is not the case.

Bart Sibrel also believes that NASA purposely destroyed the technology used during the moon landing to hide evidence of fraud.

According to Bart Sibrel, it is harder to believe that the moon landings actually happened than to believe that they were a hoax perpetrated by NASA on the world.

Bullet Points

  • The author believes that the moon landings were faked.
  • They argue that it doesn’t make sense for NASA to claim they went 1,000 times farther with 50-year older technology.
  • The author points out a specific photo as proof that the moon landing was faked – the shadows do not match up.
  • The author argues that if NASA really went to the moon, they would not have destroyed the technology and evidence.
  • The author concludes that it is harder to believe that the moon landings were real than that they were faked.

Let’s Sing Along

The moon landing’s a lie,
That’s what some folks imply.
NASA’s claim is just absurd,
With old tech, went 1,000 times further.

In sunlight, shadows run in line,
But this moon pic doesn’t align.
The shadows are off by ninety degrees,
It’s a studio shot, that is the key.

People don’t want to let it go,
Their emotions make it hard to know.
If they went to the moon back then,
We’d be on Mars, again and again.

But there’s no base up in the sky,
Deliberately destroyed, it’s all a lie.
It’s harder to believe it’s true,
This one picture proves they fooled you.

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