FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father

Video from Jeezah area in south Syria, near the Jordanian border, shows the members of All Jewish Army, also called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), although they are not Syrian and they oppose the free Syria, torturing a child they had kidnapped. The child’s father is a wealthy Syria and the kidnappers are asking his … Continue reading “FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father”

Some Jew Pretending to Be Muslim Posts Video About Manchester Attack

This video appeared on the internet just hours after the alleged attack in Manchester Arena. It shows an apparent Jew dressed up as Muslim praising the bombing and threatening more attacks.

Alexa, Are You Connected to the CIA?

A woman asks Amazon Alexa if it would like to her, and Alexa respond with a diplomatically perfect answer that would fool anyone. The woman then asks Alexa what is the CIA, to which Alexa answers that it’s the United States Central Intelligence Agency. The woman then asks: “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?” … Continue reading “Alexa, Are You Connected to the CIA?”