Mystery of Georgia Guidestones

Mystery of Georgia Guidestones
Mystery of Georgia Guidestones
  • The Georgia Guidestones are mysterious monuments located in Georgia, USA.
  • The origin and purpose of the Guidestones is unknown, but they feature a series of “Ten Commandments of the Antichrist” written in several languages, including ancient ones.
  • The Commandments include suggestions for population control, eugenics, the creation of a new language, and the rejection of faith.
  • The author sees the Guidestones as an attempt to reverse God’s judgment in Genesis 11, and ultimately an effort by satanic occultists to create a monument that will last through the apocalypse.
  • The author suggests that the best response to the Guidestones is to embrace Jesus Christ and reject sin.

Video Summary

The Georgia Guidestones, one of America’s most mysterious monuments, remain anonymous about who had them built and their purpose. The only clues to their origin are on a nearby plaque.

The stones have a series of intricate notches and holes that correspond to the movements of the sun and the stars. The Guidestones have eight of the world’s most spoken languages, including English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

The stones also have four ancient languages, including Babylonian and cuneiform script, ancient Greek, Sanskrit, and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Ten Commandments of the Antichrist, which appear in the stones, are meant to instruct survivors of the Apocalypse or a major catastrophic event on how to rebuild society.

The Ten Commandments include maintaining humanity under 500 million and perpetual balance with nature, guiding reproduction wisely by improving fitness and diversity, uniting humanity with a living new language, ruling passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason, avoiding petty laws and useless officials, balancing personal rights with social duties, prizing truth and beauty, love seeking harmony with the infinite, and lastly, being not a cancer on the earth but leaving room for nature.

The Commandments are viewed as a symbolic attempted reversal of God’s judgment in Genesis 11, reuniting the scattered fragments of the Babylonian Mystery Schools back into one people, one language, and one god which is Lucifer. The monument is a sort of reversal of Genesis 11 as seen through the eyes of the enemy.

The Georgia Guidestones are nothing more than man’s attempt to bypass the creator of the universe. The stones’ astronomical alignments occur on the spring and summer solstices, and the man who paid for the stones’ construction used a pseudonym R.C. Christian.

The Guidestones, the narrator in the video argues, are a group of satanic occultists’ attempt to erect a monument to survive through the apocalypse, and the monument is designed to last. Although it didn’t…

Let’s Sing Along

In Georgia there lies
A monument of great size
Built by an anonymous crew
But what does it all mean, who knew?

The Guidestones they are called
With commandments that have appalled
Maintain a small population size
And guide reproduction, eugenics in disguise

Unite with a new language, reverse Babel’s fall
Control passion, faith, tradition, and all
Protect with fair laws and a world court
Avoid petty laws and officials’ tort

Balance personal rights with social duties
Prize truth and beauty, seek harmony with infinities
Lastly, leave nature room to grow
But worshiping creation, Lucifer’s game we know

This monument meant to last through the strife
But they’ve already lost, God’s power rife
Satanic occultists can try all they might
But defeat is their only sight.

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