Age of Deceit – Fallen Angels and the New World Order

Age of Deceit - Fallen Angels and the New World Order
Age of Deceit - Fallen Angels and the New World Order

The “Age of Deceit – Fallen Angels and the New World Order” is a 2011 video documentary directed by Gonzo Shimura. The video discusses various topics relating to the New World Order, the Illuminati, and fallen angels.

The speaker argues that the ultimate goal of the New World Order is to force everyone to worship the Antichrist, and the system being built is designed to do so. This belief system stems from ancient Mystery School teachings that go against biblical Christianity, and theosophy, which believes that Lucifer is the god of the world.

The video also discusses how fallen angels cohabited with humans and taught them various skills, including weapon-making, makeup application, and jewelry-making. The speaker believes that the so-called aliens are actually demonic entities, and the media is perpetuating the idea of alien life as part of the plan to prepare the world for a New World Order.

In addition, the video explores the possibility that entities that are seen as aliens may have been considered demons or gods in the past. It discusses the abundance of UFO sightings, and scholars suggest that they represent a manifestation of reality that transcends our current understanding of physics. There are both negative and positive accounts of experiences with these entities, including claims of an alien hybridization program with the goal of creating a hybrid race to take over the world.

The video warns about the dangers of allowing deceiving spirits to enter one’s body, including the entities channeled by New Age figures like David Wilcox and books that deny the unique deity of Jesus Christ.

The speaker believes that both the New Age movement and the New World Order are about a coming evolution of mankind, where the elite believe that they are the only ones that will attain higher spiritual beings, and the rest of mankind are mere cattle in the way of this goal.

Finally, the video delves into the dark plans of the New World Order, which include the creation of Satanic super soldiers and a one-world religion to usher in a false utopia promised by man. The video highlights the involvement of fallen beings who were given authority over humanity but abused their power, transhumanism as a cover-up for sinister deeds to come, and the need for spiritual rebirth through Jesus Christ’s unique DNA.

The speaker warns of deception and the increase of wickedness and false prophets, stressing the importance of accepting Jesus Christ as a savior and finding the truth beyond the seductive ideas of the New World Order.


In this section, the speaker discusses how the New World Order and Illuminati possess knowledge that could be used for the betterment of humanity, but instead, they use it to enslave us. The new world order has already divided up the world into regions and wants to reduce the population to half a billion, with a few elites ruling the world. The Bible warns of perilous times to come, and Christians will be despised and hated. The speaker also touches on the possibility of a harmonious world with ascended abilities after 2012. Lastly, a quote by George H. W. Bush is heard, discussing the idea of a New World Order, where diverse nations are united for common purposes.


In this section, the speaker discusses how conspiracy theories about a One World Government and the U.N. takeover of the world have been laid to rest with the release of the U.N.-funded Commission on Global Governance’s final report titled Our Global Neighborhood. However, the speaker argues that the biblical worldview best explains the origin of evil and its many symptoms to mankind, including human suffering and death. The World Elite’s mission for a two-class system where the underclass are forced to live as slaves while the elite evolved into superhumans has been the primary motivation behind several layers upon layers of systems, including political, economic, military, scientific, educational, technological, social, and spiritual facets. The World Elite are tirelessly working to allow the formation of a One World Currency, massive depopulation, a One World Religion, and a One World Government. The speaker argues that the people who promote and continue to instigate the New World Order and the promise of a new age are perhaps the most deceitful and are the ultimate victims.


In this section, the speaker discusses the ultimate goal behind the New World Order and the spiritual agenda driving it. According to the speaker, the ultimate goal is for everyone to worship the Antichrist, and the system being built is designed to force people into doing so. The speaker believes that those behind the New World Order are part of secret societies and engaged in occult rituals that give instructions for the nuts and bolts things needed to create the system. The speaker also suggests that a person with tremendous influence and power and access to high-tech stuff will eventually be born and become the Beast by inserting Satan’s genetic code into his DNA via recombinant DNA. The speaker further explains that the Fall of Mankind as recorded in Genesis 3 is the beginning of the plan behind the New World Order, where Satan redefined what good meant, causing mankind to be susceptible to death and is being used to create the New World Order.


In this section, the video discusses the concept promoted by the World Elite that through intellect, technology, and science, man will achieve immortality and become godlike. This idea plays on the hope of attaining secret knowledge and wisdom, which is a common thread among secret societies, the New Age movement, and the alien agenda. The video argues that this is the core belief of the Luciferian doctrine, where exclusive knowledge is used to achieve immortality and godhood without the help of the Creator God. The promise of attaining godhood has been sought after for centuries, with the goal of resurrecting the Lost Empire of Atlantis and forging a world empire. This ancient hope is the driving force behind the New World Order and its components such as the secret societies, the New Age movement, and the transhumanist movement.


In this section, the video discusses how America was not founded as a constitutional republic under biblical principles, but instead as a social experiment based on the visions described in Sir Francis Bacon’s book The New Atlantis. These principles all stem from the ancient Mystery School teachings, an esoteric spiritual philosophy passed down by the initiated elite for centuries, which is the same as the Luciferian doctrine of man becoming God through his own intellect. This philosophy is the religion of the New World Order, which operates through various secret societies, cults, and religious circles. Theosophical writers such as H.P. Blavatsky and Grace Notes have written about the history and origins of these Mystery School teachings and their connection to Atlantis.


In this section, the transcript discusses the ancient Mystery School teachings and their beliefs about achieving godhood and becoming Divine beings through the process of evolution. These teachings go against biblical Christianity, which offers salvation to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ. Many writers on the topic of ancient Mysteries attempt to discredit Christianity by painting an untrue picture of the faith and infiltrating its religious institutions to corrupt many sectors of Christianity. Alice Bailey, the co-founder of Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Publishing, referred to the initiation of the race into the mystery of the ages by overhauling Christianity and its sources. Helena Blavatsky and Manly P. Hall also refer to the astronomical underpinnings of Christianity, with Hall referring to the adoration of the sun as one of the earliest and most natural forms of religious expression.


In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the influence of the Theosophical Society, specifically its deep-rooted Luciferian beliefs, on the modern-day worldview. The core belief of theosophy is that Lucifer is the God of the world, and Alice Bailey and Blavatsky are both known for exalting him. Even though the New World Order may not explicitly worship Lucifer, they have adopted the idea from the ancient Mystery Schools of a Promethean light-bearer who gives people knowledge. Freemasons have a secret society that has evolved through history, with those at the highest levels being aware of the true nature of Lucifer. Through knowledge and power, the members of the ancient Mystery Schools have been working in secrecy to steer society towards fulfilling their plan.


In this section, the video discusses secret societies such as the Shriners and Masons teaching that Lucifer is life and how Yale University still has exotic clubhouses where secret societies meet and perform rituals. The video presents the example of Skull and Bones, a secret society that has been around since 1832 and whose members have gone on to be leaders of Wall Street and the White House, showing initiation rituals involving members kissing a skull and performing a mock killing. The video also explains a Biblical explanation for ancient mystery schools, where the fall of mankind in the garden leads God to say something interesting to Satan in the first prophecy recorded in the Bible, showing that Satan’s counter move was to disrupt the human genetic pool so that the pure bloodline of man would not bring forth the Messiah to redeem mankind, which is the reason for the flood.


In this section, the video discusses the concept of fallen angels and their attempt to create a hybrid race by cohabiting with humans, which resulted in the Nephilim or Earthborn. The video states that the idea of aliens from outer space is part of the New World Order deception. The purpose of the flood was not just because of sin but also because Satan’s strategy was to contaminate the human race. The video also explores the Book of Enoch, which is referenced by Jesus, Peter, Paul, and Jude in the New Testament. Although modern-day Christian scholars have put the book aside, it is said to be worth investigating and enhances the understanding of the Bible. The Book of Enoch provides several insights such as the number of fallen angels, their landing, and what they taught.


In this section, the video discusses how the fallen angels taught mankind various skills, including weapon-making, makeup application, and jewelry-making. They also introduced mankind to psychedelic drugs, astrology, vampirism, cursing, and enchantments. The Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher both record the nefarious acts of the fallen angels, including mixing different species, committing immorality, and teaching the art of abortion. The ancient myths and fairy tales from various cultures give overwhelming evidence that the Nephilim existed. The video concludes that the anti-diluvian world of fallen angels hybrids, warfare, Nephilim, astrology, advanced technology, and false spirituality is Atlantis. The elite and secret societies are trying to rediscover Atlantis and fulfill the ancient hope, which has been at work since the days of Adam and Eve: the earthly rule of the Antichrist.


In this section, the video discusses the New Age movement’s interest in the topic of UFOs and ETs. The movement has infiltrated the truth movement and uses UFOs as a main topic of interest. Many New Age proponents, such as David Wilcock, David Ike, and Jordan Maxwell, argue that the UFO phenomenon is not necessarily flesh and blood beings but are highly evolved spiritual entities who have attained godhood and power over the elements of nature and physics. This parallels the sacred promise given to the inner members of the New World Order and is consistent with transhumanists’ beliefs in attaining Singularity and human immortality through the use of technology and biology.


In this section, the speaker discusses how the media has perpetuated the idea of alien life and how this could be a part of the plan to prepare the world for disclosure. They argue that this serves the Antichrist system by causing the world to reject God, allowing humans to see themselves as gods and promoting the concept of evolution. The speaker believes that the demons of yesterday are today’s aliens, and while there are not aliens from distant galaxies, there are aliens that are very much from here, which are demonic in nature.


In this section of the video, the speaker touches on the idea that the entities that people see as aliens today were once considered demons or gods in the past. The concept of evolution serves as a foundation for the belief in these otherworldly beings, which have supposedly evolved over time. The speaker also discusses the abundance of UFO sightings today, with videos and first-hand accounts from people all over the world, including famous figures like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. The idea of beings from another realm manifesting in our own is explored, and the speaker questions the function of wings and horses of fire in the Angelic spiritual realm, of which there are still many unanswered questions.


In this section, scholars with no religious affiliation who have studied UFOs and ETS for several decades have concluded that these crafts being sighted have the ability to manipulate time and space, making them invisible or maneuver in ways that defy understanding of nature and physics. Jack Valet, a former astronomer, stated in his book Messengers of Deception, that they represent a manifestation of reality that transcends our current understanding of physics and that we are under the control of a strange force that bends us in contact with these beings. J Allen Heineck also came to similar conclusions of the UFOs and alleged extraterrestrial phenomenon in his book Edge of Reality, stating, if UFOs are somebody else’s nuts and bolts hardware, then we must still explain how such tangible hardware can change shape before our eyes or vanish. The UFO phenomenon is described as a control system using humans to play a role in a bizarre game of deception with some individuals claiming to have been abducted by aliens; some scholars believe this is a multidimensional visitation hypothesis or an interdimensional experience coming from another dimension.


In this section, the video discusses the work of Dr. David Jacobs and Whitley Streiber who have both researched the UFO and alien abduction phenomenon for many years. Dr. Jacobs believes that an alien hybridization program is underway, with the ultimate goal of creating a hybrid race to take over the world. Whitley Streiber describes his personal experience with these entities which left him in a state of extreme fear and dread. Many researchers and abductees agree that there is a spiritual element behind this phenomenon, with similarities to cult initiation rituals and the occult. The video also mentions a solution offered by Joe Jordan, which involves calling on the name of Jesus to stop and reverse an abduction experience.


In this section, a testimony of an investigator for the CE4 Research Group is shared, discussing how calling upon the name of Jesus Christ during an alien abduction can make the experience stop instantly. The mission statement of the CE4 group is to share powerful evidence that exposes the true nature of alien entities through the testimony of those who have overcome their control through the power of the name and authority of Jesus Christ. The investigator discusses his journey from being an agnostic humanist to a believer in the New Age and then a Christian. He also shares a story of interviewing a gentleman who claimed to have been abducted by aliens six months before becoming a Christian, which ultimately led to his involvement with CE4 and the mission to help others overcome the oppression and deception of alien entities.


In this section of the video, a former police officer and UFO investigator shares his experience regarding a case of a man named Bill D who claimed to have stopped an alien abduction experience by calling out to Jesus. This was an unusual case as top researchers had never heard of anyone stopping an abduction experience before. The officer contacted some of these researchers and they told him they had come across similar cases but were afraid to pursue it further as it may affect their credibility in the UFO community and lead to a cover-up. The officer notes that this reluctance to share evidence for personal agendas is called a cover-up and states that it has been happening in the UFO community for a long time.


In this section, the speaker suggests that information about extraterrestrial life and phenomenon is often kept secret or manipulated by those who have personal agendas and that the government is covering up these experiences, causing deception. However, there are both negative and positive accounts of experiences with these entities, with the latter being found largely within the New Age movement where it is often channeled information from higher spiritual beings. Several successful individuals, such as David Wilcock and David Ike, claimed to have channeled entities and claim that Jesus Christ has spoken through them.


In this section, the speaker discusses the practice of channeling and mediumship, explaining that the Bible explicitly prohibits these practices due to the risk of contacting entities that might not be from God but instead could be counterfeits, such as demons. The speaker quotes passages from the Bible that admonish people to test the spirits, emphasizing that prayer is the best way to have a direct relationship with God rather than channeling, which is similar to demonic possession. The speaker concludes with a warning about the dangers of channeling and the importance of heeding God’s warnings to protect oneself from deceiving spirits who ultimately draw people away from the message of salvation.


In this section, the speaker warns about the dangers of allowing deceiving spirits to enter one’s body, which can lead to demonic possession. While exorcisms are often associated with Catholic priests, the speaker believes that anyone who has been saved by Jesus Christ can perform them, as done in Deliverance Ministries. As an example, excerpts from a 2003 WN Network broadcast of an exorcism are shown. The speaker states that spiritual beings, such as those encountered in alien abductions and channeled messages, may actually be evil demons in disguise, including the entities channeled by David Wilcox, who claims his new age Ministry is much more in tune with the truth than the Bible. The Law of One, a book supposedly channeled by an entity named Ra, describes Jesus Christ as a member of a high level of sub-octave, not to return except as a member of the Confederation.


In this section, the video discusses various channeled writings claiming to be from spiritual entities, such as RA, the Stardubs, and A Course in Miracles, which all deny the unique deity of Jesus Christ. They describe Jesus as simply another entity of higher spiritual levels, overshadowed by others or serving on a hierarchical board. The video argues that these claims contradict the biblical accounts of Jesus’s divinity and are evidence of deceiving spirits. It also points out that Satan, not Jesus, is said to be the ruler of this world according to the Bible.


In this section, the video discusses books that deny Jesus’s deity, including A Course in Miracles and the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both books claim that we are all becoming christs and deny the existence of the devil. A Course in Miracles also claims that there is no judgment. Warren B Smith concluded that the Jesus presented in A Course in Miracles was actually the spirit of the Antichrist, not the true Jesus Christ. Many other channeled documents and books that deny Jesus’s divinity exist, but the video asserts that these teachings contradict biblical principles and are likely the work of deceiving spirits and false prophets. The Bible’s accuracy is also challenged by some who deny Jesus’s divinity, but the video argues that there is strong evidence in support of the Bible’s authenticity.


In this section, the speaker discusses how Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and how that led the Pharisees to consider it a blasphemy worthy of punishment. The Pharisees recognized that only God could forgive sins, but Jesus forgave sins and allowed himself to be worshiped. Furthermore, Jesus made several statements that hinted at him being God, such as him being the Voice of the Burning Bush, the Creator of the World, and the Cloud Rider of Daniel 7. The speaker points out that the crucifixion of Jesus only makes sense if Jesus was God himself. The speaker then transitions to discussing how both the New Age movement and the New World Order are about a coming evolution of mankind, where the elite believe that they are the only ones that will attain higher spiritual beings, and the rest of mankind are mere cattle in the way of this goal.


In this section, the video discusses the prophetic texts which come from esoteric authors and writers who claim to channel entities that both the new age and the New World Order seem to be basing their agenda on. One particular author, Alice Bailey, has had her channeled writings taken as the blueprint for the New World Order and the new age, with her ascended Master Djwal Kul giving the prerequisites. Bailey believes that a world government needs to be in place first, which the hierarchy, Spiritual Beings working with government organizations such as the United Nations, will accomplish. Bailey thinks the chaos is also necessary for unifying the existing system and empowering the world religion, needed to get everyone in the world on board with a singular religion. And while Christianity is the big hurdle, Bailey states that the work and teaching of the Christ will be hard for the Christian world to accept, though easier of assimilation in the East.


In this section, the video discusses the diabolical plan of the so-called “chosen ones” to develop the army of the Antichrist through victims of Satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder, and mind control. These individuals, called “satanic super soldiers” by Russ Dizdar, have been assigned to kill and create chaos when the call is made for the black awakening. The chaos and destruction will create a climate where people cry for peace, and desire for a new system, thus allowing for the New Age movement to usher in the real New World Order. The video also suggests that the one thing that will cause the world to worship one man is a one-world religion, which could come about through the UFO and alien phenomena. Other scenarios, such as a one world Muslim or Catholic religion, are deemed problematic.


In this section of the transcript, the speaker argues that the creation of a one-world religion is likely to be the result of the UFO phenomenon. This takeover would necessitate the rejection of God and make the new religion very man-centered, promising Utopia, evolution, and god-like status. The speaker notes that this scenario would resemble the deception and false Utopia prophesied in the Bible and that, in this context, Christians would become Public Enemy Number One for rejecting the new Utopia. Ultimately, the speaker believes that Satan and the Fallen Angels are behind the New World Order, deceiving mankind into working for Satan’s cause.


section explores the concept of fallen beings who were once part of the heavenly council and were given authority over certain parts of humanity but were abusing their power and suppressing the poor. These beings fell from grace, and their sin led to their death. The video discusses how the idea of transhumanism, which seeks to upgrade humanity physically and spiritually, is a cover for the far more sinister events to come. However, the video argues that the true hope lies in the gospel message of Jesus Christ, which promises the restoration of humanity’s source code and an upgrade to its original state. The fall of man corrupted the Earth, and the condition of man reflects the condition of the Earth.


In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the DNA of Jesus and how it relates to humanity’s spiritual rebirth. He explains that Jesus has a unique Y chromosome from the Holy Spirit, making him the second Adam, and for humans to be a part of God’s kingdom, they must be reborn as sons of the second Adam with a new DNA package. The video highlights how the Bible has warned of impending deception that will influence the world through various letters and visions from the authors, particularly the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John, discussing the New World Order, Antichrist, and entities that will deceive the world in the end times.


In this section, the speaker discusses the need for people to accept Jesus Christ as their savior, as he died for the sins of all mankind and offers spiritual freedom and salvation. He warns of the increase in wickedness and false prophets, and paraphrases scripture to explain that being persecuted and hated for one’s faith is inevitable. The speaker also appeals to those who have researched the New World Order, arguing that they subconsciously know that much of what has been revealed about the Antichrist system is true, and that the real movers and shakers behind it are theistic Satanists who hold dedicated beliefs about the worship of Satan. He cautions against the dangerous position of believing that it doesn’t matter what they believe, as it means that one is denying the reality of Satan and the cosmic war of good and evil depicted in the Bible.


In this section of the video, the speaker discusses how Satanists have been shaping people’s thoughts about the Bible and Jesus Christ. They are preparing people for a new system that they want them to believe is their utopia and telling them to ignore the man that the Bible said would crush the one that these people at the top are worshiping. The speaker suggests that the ideas being presented by these Satanists are very seductive, and people are being told that they can be like God without real accountability for their actions. This makes it difficult to resist these ideas, regardless of whether they are true or not. The speaker emphasizes the importance of looking for the truth and figuring out who Jesus really is according to the Bible, rather than what the New World Order says about him.

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