Dr. Robert Gilbert Explains the Importance and Symbolism of the Tree of Life

Dr. Robert Gilbert Explains the Importance and Symbolism of the Tree of Life
Dr. Robert Gilbert Explains the Importance and Symbolism of the Tree of Life

Dr. Robert Gilbert explains the importance and symbolism of the Tree of Life, as well as the three pillars within it, in relation to human beings and spiritual beings. He emphasizes the need for balance between the spiritual and physical worlds and explains how different types of spiritual beings can influence human beings.

He warns against demonic forces and the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a threat to human connection with higher realms. He stresses the importance of individuals seeking their own truth and making an effort to reach the highest expression of themselves, rather than surrendering to external authorities.


In this section, Dr. Robert Gilbert explains the embedded information in the Tree of Life, including the 22 paths that connect the 10 spheres and coding patterns for energy in the human body, consciousness, life body, and physical body. The Tree of Life also has three different pillars within it, and the middle pillar, which connects to both the highest levels of the godhead and the manifest creation, is related to Rosicrucian initiation. The left and right-hand pillars are associated with the pillars of mercy and severity, but they don’t go all the way up or down. The middle path is about holding a balance between two different extremes, and it connects with the highest levels of the godhead. The Archangel Michael is generally associated with the middle path and holds the quality of the godhead while interacting with an Archangelic level.


explained that spiritual beings can pull human beings in different directions, towards a focus on spirit or the physical world, and that balance between the two is important. Confusion arose in the Western tradition due to mixing up the terms Lucifer and Satan. Luciferic beings are spiritual beings that focus on spirit but can lead to an illusory or hallucinogenic form of spirituality, while Aromatic beings are deeply connected to matter and materialism, denying the existence of spirit and spirituality. The balance between these two types of beings is important for human beings, who are constantly influenced by both.


In this section, the speaker explains how humans are connected to spiritual beings and how these beings can affect us based on our thoughts and emotions. He discusses three different types of spiritual beings that we interact with: the more demonic, the more ecstatic, and the central pillar. The demonic forces, including Ahriman, are in opposition to the Christ spirit and are not interested in human sovereignty. They wish to harvest the souls of humanity to feed themselves, feeding by separating humanity’s lower energy centers from their higher centers and creating the illusion that spirituality is not important. The result is a world where people have no connection with their heart or intuition, where science and materialism are our authorities, and where people look to media and presidents to find answers.


In this section, Dr. Robert Gilbert explains that the ultimate vision of Ahriman, which is coming into this world, is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the transhumanist movement exemplifies this by merging humans with machines. According to him, the machine can hijack the human psyche and cut off access to higher realms, completely replacing the human ability to connect with it. People desire easy answers that come at no cost to them, but this quest for understanding and effort to find one’s truth is essential to the highest power and the highest expression of a human being. Gilbert also predicts that this surrendering of the human soul to AI will lead to cutting off its connection with higher intelligence to surrender to Ahriman.

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