The Phenomenon 2020 – UFO Documentary

The Phenomenon 2020 - UFO Documentary
The Phenomenon 2020 - UFO Documentary

The Phenomenon 2020” is a video documentary that explores the UFO phenomenon and the evidence that suggests we are not alone in the universe. As a documentary about the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the attempts by the government to keep them hidden, the film explores various sightings and encounters with UFOs all over the world and the evidence of government cover-ups and advanced technology.

The video highlights numerous reports of sightings, encounters, and incidents involving UFOs and highly qualified witnesses, including military and government officials.

The video delves into the history of the phenomenon, beginning with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting in 1947, the subsequent military investigations and the Condon Report, the involvement of Dr. Jacque Vallee, and witnesses describing their experiences involving UFOs in various locations.

The video also focuses on the UFO incursions at military nuclear weapon sites, including the Bentwaters base in England and Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The video concludes with the discussion of Lawrence Rockefeller’s interest in UFOs and his attempt to convince President Clinton’s science advisor to declassify government UFO data by selecting the 1947 Roswell incident for declassification.

Furthermore, the Roswell incident is discussed, as well as the covert government program initiated by Senator Harry Reid to investigate UFOs. The documentary features accounts from pilots who scrambled jets to capture the object on video, Gordon Cooper who claimed to see and film a landed UFO, and the school children who experienced an alien encounter in Zimbabwe in 1994. The film emphasizes the need to further investigate these phenomena and recognize the potential technological advancement and implications for solving global issues.


In this section, the narrator discusses the idea that humans are not alone in the universe and the importance of accepting and understanding this fact. The section also highlights a naval announcement from the same year that water was discovered on a distant planet that confirmed that images captured by Navy pilots of objects with superior technology were authentic. The narrator suggests that we can finally begin to answer questions about the origin, function, and purpose of these vehicles. To do this, we must examine a body of evidence that has been suppressed for at least 70 years, including witness reports of strange objects, such as a flying saucer encountered by World War II pilot William Coleman in 1955.


In this section, the video discusses the beginnings of the UFO phenomenon in 1947 in the US. It started with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of flying objects that looked like discs without tails, that flipped and flashed like mirrors. Arnold’s account soon made headlines across the nation, and reporters began interviewing multiple witnesses who had also seen similar objects. Despite General Vandenberg’s public claim that there was nothing to worry about, a secret memorandum suggested that the highest military ranks considered the reports to be real and not fictitious. The phenomenon was reported to be real, and the objects were described as metallic discs with domes on top that traveled in groups of three to nine.


In this section, the video highlights reports of UFO sightings over the years, including photographic evidence, eyewitness testimonies, and encounters from commercial pilots and astronauts. The sightings include instances of extreme rates of climb, dazzling maneuverability, and evasive action. Some of these sightings were picked up by Life Magazine and became a global phenomenon. Reports from former Navy aviators and commercial pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience describe seeing huge discs fly in formation and approach them head-on at incredible speeds estimated at 12,000 miles per hour. These sightings have left many believing that the unidentified objects were not from this point and were on their own mysterious mission.


In this section, we learn about the UFO sightings that took place near top US government locations in the 1950s. Despite the Air Force’s attempts to scramble fighter jets, the UFOs disappeared whenever they were detected. The Air Force then issued orders to shoot them down if necessary but refrained from using lethal force in subsequent sightings. The Air Force downplayed the sightings in the largest Pentagon press conference since World War II, stating the radar readings were merely tricks of the atmosphere. However, the president of the United States rocket Society urged defense officials not to fire at any UFOs as it might alienate any friendly extraterrestrial forces. Behind the scenes, a secret memo from the CIA urged attention to unexplained objects near major US defense installations.


In this section, the video delves into the involvement of Dr. Jacque Vallee, a renowned French UFO researcher who, for decades, conducted sober scientific research on the UFO phenomenon. He consulted with witnesses, scientific, military, and government officials, including Project Blue Books’ top science advisor, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, whom he became close colleagues with. Their collaboration led to Vallee making a significant discovery of a letter signed by H.C. Cross, Director of Exotic Metallurgy at Patel National Laboratories, which revealed an ultra-secret, highly funded scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon working parallel to Blue Book, unknown to all but a select few. Additionally, the video features eyewitness testimonies of a UFO sighting by several hundred students at the Westall School in Australia during the 50s and 60s.


In this section, witnesses describe their encounters with UFOs and the subsequent reactions of authorities. One witness saw a silver, hovering object that moved rapidly and was warned to keep quiet by two older men who threatened his job and prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. Another witness, a young engineer, took a Polaroid photo of a metallic object that appeared to be rotating before it bounced and rocketed away at high speed. Air Force officers showed up at his doorstep, questioning him and confiscating his photographs and a book with similar pictures. These incidents were not isolated, and despite the efforts of Project Blue Book to explain them away, cases continued to be filed as unknown.


In this section, witnesses describe their encounter with a UFO in New Mexico in 1964. Patrolman Zamora saw a craft with two human-like figures outside of it and heard a loud blast when it took off. The landing site had footprints and a burn area, which was documented by officials from the FBI, military, and Project Blue Book. Witnesses were given a book about flying saucers and instructed not to say too much about it.


In this section of “The Phenomenon 2020,” we hear from witnesses and officials involved in the Socorro close encounter and the Michigan sightings. Officer Lonnie Zamora, who witnessed the Socorro incident, sent a letter to a family who also witnessed a UFO, expressing that they were not alone. However, people started making fun of Zamora and accused him of making up stories about little men from outer space. Meanwhile, Dr. Heineck investigated the Michigan sightings but struggled to explain them to the public without igniting a public uproar. The sightings ultimately led to Congressional hearings in 1966, with Dr. Heineck and Secretary Harold Brown testifying.


In this section, the video discusses the Air Force’s investigation into UFOs and the outside panel of scientists led by physicist Edward Condon that was commissioned to settle the matter. Despite finding many cases to be unexplainable, the panel ultimately stated that there was no evidence that UFOs represented any interplanetary space vehicle. However, after studying the panel’s report, it was discovered that Dr. Condon’s percentage of unexplained cases was five to six times larger than the Air Force’s, and yet his principal recommendation was that there was nothing of scientific interest that warranted further attention from the federal government. In 1969, the Air Force officially ended its public investigations into UFOs, leaving many to wonder whether they knew what the UFOs were or if they simply didn’t know.


In this section, military personnel come forward to confirm ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites. Former missile launch officer stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, Robert Salas, recounts a UFO sighting above the missile silos, during which ten missiles went offline one after the other. Former top-secret control officer, Jerome Nelson, reports a message coming through his communication center stating that a UFO had shut down several missile silos in Montana. Additionally, former deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, recounts the now-famous incident where strange lights were seen in the forest and an unrecognizable object was discovered on the ground. All these accounts showcase the reality of UFO incursions at the military’s most sensitive facilities.


In this section, a US Air Force officer describes his encounter with a UFO at Bentwaters base in England in 1980. While on duty, he, along with several security policemen, watched an object approaching them at high speed. As suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared but they noticed another object hovering over the Woodbridge base. Concerns grew as they noticed beams falling into or near the weapons storage area. Meanwhile, a secret Soviet document reveals that a UFO hovered over a Ukrainian nuclear base for nearly an hour, causing several missiles to suddenly switch to full combat readiness without authentication codes. Witnesses, who are some of the most highly vetted military officers in charge of the world’s most devastating armaments suggest that UFOs have made incursions into top-security nuclear facilities, decade after decade.


In this section, the video explores the USSR’s openness in sharing decades worth of UFO files and interviews high-ranking military personnel who have witnessed UFO activity. Additionally, the video discusses Lawrence Rockefeller’s interest in UFOs and his attempt to convince President Clinton’s science advisor to declassify government UFO data by selecting the 1947 Roswell incident for declassification. The video also explores the Roswell incident and interviews witnesses who claim to have seen debris from the crashed object, including major Jesse Marcel, the base’s intelligence officer who investigated the site.


In this section, the Roswell incident is discussed, where debris was found in New Mexico in 1947. Marcel was ordered to transport the wreckage to Fort Worth Army Airfield, where he was met by the Commanding General who instructed him to pose with debris from a conventional weather balloon. This cover-up story never added up, and the Air Force claimed that it was just a device to spy on Soviet nuclear tests. However, many believe that the government was covering up something extraterrestrial. Even Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who grew up around Roswell, is convinced that there was something not of this Earth that went down there. Despite government attempts to keep it secret, some believe the American people deserve to know the truth.


In this section, the video discusses how there have been crashed UFOs, recovered materials, and bodies, which has been kept concealed from the normal government channels. In 2007, Senator Harry Reid persuaded Senators Ted Stevens and Daniel Inoue to secretly allocate millions of dollars in defense department funds to investigate UFOs. The covert program lasted from the Bush presidency through the Obama Administration and into Donald Trump’s first year in office. The government finally admitted to a modern-day program to investigate UFOs in December of 2017, releasing official evidence, including videos from the cockpits of military aircraft. One of the authors of the story in the New York Times was investigative journalist and best-selling author Leslie Kane.


In this section, a group of F-18 Super Hornet pilots describe their encounter with a strange object they spotted on their radar scopes and in the air. The object appeared to be a white, smooth, wingless, and windowless Tic Tac-shaped craft that had exceptional movement and control, darting around in the air just above a large, submerged object. The object accelerated at alarming rates and reappeared instantaneously in the fleet’s critical aerial Defense Zone. Additional jets were scrambled to capture the object on video, during which time it was readily apparent that the object had a dominant battle space awareness, and it outmatched U.S. Frontline Fighters. Despite holding a seat on the Special Access Program Oversight Committee, the senator admits that there is nothing like it on the drawing boards.


In this section, various individuals speak about their experiences with government cover-ups and their attempts to reveal the truth about UFOs. This includes an interview with Gordon Cooper, a Mercury astronaut who claimed that he saw and filmed a landed UFO in 1957, but the footage was taken away and never seen again. Additionally, Dr. Jacques VallĂ©e collects purported metal debris from UFO cases dating back to 1947 that are being analyzed using state-of-the-art equipment. One sample was found to have a composition unlike any known metal, with 253 different isotopes. This suggests that the material was manufactured, possibly by an advanced civilization, and could help us understand physical principles that we don’t know today. Overall, it seems that there is evidence of government cover-ups and advanced technology that warrants further investigation and study.


In this section, the video discusses encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that suggest the existence of an advanced intelligence and technology beyond our current understanding. Some sightings have involved interactions with beings, but the origin and intent of these craft and entities remain unknown. Examples of sightings from Papua New Guinea in 1959 and Zimbabwe in 1994 are given. The potential technological advancement and the implications for solving global issues such as the energy crisis are recognized. The need to investigate these phenomena is emphasized.


In this section, a group of school children from the Ariel school in Zimbabwe share their experience of encountering an alien in 1994. Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack explored the encounter, and the children believed their experience was true. They explain that the alien had big eyes, a big head, short legs, and a long top, and communicated through telepathy, warning them about the environment and our misuse of technology. The children went into a trance-like state when making contact with the alien but snapped out of it when the alien tried to communicate more, which made them anxious.


In this section, a witness describes chaotic scenes with the media frenzy that was going on at the Ariel School after the infamous UFO sighting in Zimbabwe in September 1994. The witness saw how the teachers and children were affected by the incident and how their teachers didn’t believe them, which made it difficult to continue going to school. However, years later, they met with the headteacher at the time of the incident, who wanted to apologize for her behavior. The witness still believes that the incident was real and that if they saw the UFO again, the biggest question they would ask is, “what does it want with us?” The video also highlights how well-observed UFO cases have been reported all over the world since the 17th century.


In this section, several experts and eyewitnesses comment on the UFO phenomenon and their belief that the presence of these objects suggest the action of some form of intelligence which wants to be seen. One witness expresses regret for not attempting to communicate with the object and recognizes the advanced technology that allows the craft to enter our airspace. Another witness describes how the craft he saw disappeared in a blink of an eye and moved at incredible speeds, leaving him in awe of its capabilities.

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