Richard Lighthouse Discusses Targeted Individuals, Direct Energy Weapons and Gang Stalking

Richard Lighthouse Discusses Targeted Individuals, Direct Energy Weapons and Gang Stalking
Richard Lighthouse Discusses Targeted Individuals, Direct Energy Weapons and Gang Stalking

Richard Lighthouse, in an interview with Truth Is Out, discusses how targeted individuals are part of an experimental torture program that has been ongoing since the 1950s. The deep state selects these individuals, and lower-level groups like the fusion centers and Citizen Corps coordinate gang-stalking efforts against them. Lighthouse also discusses the use of directed energy weapons (DEWs), including the narrow microwave beams used to target individuals, and accuses individuals like General John Raymond of committing war crimes by having control over microwave weapons being used on civilians. Lighthouse warns against taking experimental vaccines or medicine, shares methods for detecting subliminal messages and DEWs, discusses the mission of Targeted Justice, and urges targeted individuals to take action to expose and shut down the program.

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In this section, Richard Lighthouse explains that targeted individuals are selected by the deep state, which includes government agencies like the FBI and CIA, as part of an experimental torture program. The program has been ongoing since the 1950s, funded and run by the CIA, in coordination with the war mongers of the Council on Foreign Relations. One of the many things done to targeted individuals is gang-stalking, which involves lower-level groups like the fusion centers, InfraGard, and Citizen Corps coordinating an effort of harassment against these individuals. Targeted individuals are tracked in a terror watch list and are placed in a database as non-investigative subjects. Lighthouse also mentions microwave attacks that occur, which are done using direct energy weapons.


In this section, the interviewee discusses directed energy weapons (DEW), which were first developed in the United States by a man named Donald J. Sullivan. These weapons produce a microwave beam that is very narrow, just like a laser beam but composed of microwaves. They were initially launched into orbit as part of President Reagan’s Star Wars program, which was designed to target ballistic missiles by destroying the navigation systems using space-based weapons. However, these weapons were later turned on people on the ground. The precision pointing of these weapons is incredibly accurate, and they can track the same spot on the top of someone’s head within less than half an inch or less than one centimeter. The interviewee accuses individuals like General John Raymond of committing war crimes by having direct authority and control over these microwave weapons, which are being used on civilians and are governed by the Geneva Convention’s rule against intentional targeting of civilians.


In this section, Richard Lighthouse explains the use of scientific instruments to measure the frequencies between 450 and 700 megahertz, which is used to target individuals. A targeted method that the CIA uses is called “voice to skull” or V2K which has disabling effects on the individual, including sending hate-filled messages that nobody else can hear. This technology, discovered in the early ’60s by Dr. Alan Frye, uses a scalar wave as a carrier wave that can penetrate buildings and can follow an individual even under the water sending messages. There is a home page that includes diagrams that allow individuals to digest the technology being used. The satellites being used are sophisticated, high-speed computer processors, called the Lockheed GPS satellite, and there are 24 of them in orbit, including six spares. Anybody in the United States is being tracked by these satellites which bounce a tracking signal from the top-back part of their head to produce coordinates that are then relayed through a complex system of tracking and relay satellites back to Schriever Air Force Base. The supercomputer at Schriever Air Force Base can quickly direct attacks to people worldwide by communicating with cell towers and satellite signals.


In this section, Richard Lighthouse discusses the issue of classified intelligence information and how it should not be kept from key lawmakers. He also mentions the use of subliminal messages from cell towers that are directed at every single person in the United States and some parts of Europe. He explains that these subliminal messages are used to manipulate people into taking the vaccine. He warns against taking experimental vaccines or medicines, as there is no liability for manufacturers if harm or death occurs. Lighthouse also shares a diagram and patent number that describes how messages can be directed at one person without anyone else hearing it. He encourages people to visit Targeted Justice’s website and his personal website for more information.


In this section of the interview, Richard Lighthouse discusses methods for detecting subliminal messages and direct energy weapons. He suggests using a unidirectional microphone to record subliminal messages, and points out that microwave beams from cell towers can be felt on the back of your hand if you move slowly enough. By cupping your hands over your ears, you may be able to hear the “popcorn” sound of the microwave pulses. Lighthouse also explains how signal analyzers can detect tracking signals on your head, and how GPS technology is used to locate the top point of your head using four tracking satellites. He emphasizes that while this technology has been around for over 30 years, it is being used for nefarious purposes, and Targeted Justice is working to shut it down.


In this section, Richard Lighthouse discusses the mission of Targeted Justice, which was formed in December of 2017. Their mission statement is to educate, raise awareness, and pursue legal action to shut down these illegal operations, which involves government officials in all major countries. Lighthouse emphasizes that it’s crucial for individuals to contact their legislators and share this information with them, as well as identify the corporations involved and employees who are participating in this crime. Lighthouse claims that this is a war crime that is punishable by the death penalty and Targeted Justice has identified many of the corporations that provide, design, and build the technology that is knowingly and willingly involved.


In this section of the video, the speaker discusses the difficult task of protecting oneself from directed energy weapons (DEWs). Despite some limited success with metal shielding, the scalar waves used in DEWs can easily penetrate metal shielding and even Faraday cages. However, water has been found to be a better shielding method as it absorbs microwaves. When a scalar wave is pointed at the head, it can go right through you and ionize charged particles in the atmosphere, causing a great deal of pain and even leading to death. The recommended shielding methods are water, including water pillows and Ziploc bags filled with water, and original leather products. While these methods may not completely block out all DEW attacks, they can significantly reduce them.


In this section, Richard Lighthouse discusses the capabilities of 5G technology and how it is being used as a weapon, specifically through digital beam forming. This technology allows for precise digital beams to be shaped and directed towards specific targets, including individuals. Lighthouse mentions Mark Steele, a former Ministry of Defense worker, who has spoken out about the weaponization of 5G technology through the installation of panel antennas on cell towers that create painful and lethal beams. Lighthouse emphasizes the importance of targeted individuals (TIs) joining support groups and being active in exposing these crimes.


In this section, Richard Lighthouse urges targeted individuals to take action and get involved in exposing and shutting down the program. He emphasizes that being active is crucial in proving to the CIA that the program is ineffective, as sitting on the couch will only prove their goals are working. Lighthouse encourages people to talk to their city council and mayor’s office, print out flyers and diagrams from the Targeted Justice website to raise awareness, and come up with a plan to fight back. He recommends going in a group to city council meetings and reading information off the Targeted Justice website. Lighthouse concludes by urging everyone to get involved and join the fight for freedom and justice.

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