Sand Mafias Steal Sand from Beaches and Sell It on the Black Market

Sand Mafias Steal Sand from Beaches and Sell It on the Black Market
Sand Mafias Steal Sand from Beaches and Sell It on the Black Market

The world is running out of sand, and the video explores the reasons behind it. Sand is an important, non-renewable resource and the second most commonly used substance in the world. The problem is exacerbated by sand mafias, who steal sand from beaches and sell it on the black market, with politicians and goons providing protection. The sand trade is worth $60 billion and is causing severe environmental degradation. Companies are also illegally mining sand, and regulation and compliance are necessary to ensure sustainable development and the ability to meet future generations’ needs.


In this section of the video, the hosts discuss the theft of sand in Jamaica and how they attempted to investigate it. However, as they started to dig deeper, they discovered that the issue of missing sand was not limited to just Jamaica, but there is a global black market for sand. Criminal organizations, mob bosses, corruption in government, and goons are all a part of this market. The hosts emphasize that this issue is much larger than they initially thought and that society’s dependence on sand makes this a significant issue. The segment ends with a sponsored message for Storyblocks, which the hosts used as their source for stock footage since they were unable to travel to Jamaica.


In this section, the video explores the significance of sand as a crucial, yet non-renewable resource, being the most commonly used solid substance in the world after water. It sheds light on sand mafias and their illicit activities of illegally stealing sand from beaches, and the consequences of the world’s rapidly increasing demand for sand. The video reveals that Singapore, a tiny country, is fighting a war with the ocean and winning, with a secret weapon called Sand. However, sand is being used quicker than it can be replenished, and the global demand for sand, used mostly in construction, is only going to increase. The world is running out of sand, not just because of sand theft, but largely because of excessive use, which is lacking in regulation, as per the UN.


sold openly on the streets in India, it becomes clear that the sand mafia is a powerful criminal ring, with politicians providing protection and even embracing the illegal activity as a source of funding for their election campaigns. This widespread illegal activity is happening in broad daylight, particularly in urban areas where there is a high demand for sand, and it is hard to distinguish between those who are selling sand legally and those who are part of the sand mafia. The sand trade has become a $60 billion industry, with sand being a vital resource in construction, and its illegal trade is causing environmental degradation and instability in some regions.


In this section, the video highlights the issue of sand mafias, who are disproportionately targeting journalists in their criminal activities as compared to other mafias like coal or drug mafias. The video elaborates on a case where a beach in Jamaica was stolen, which was never solved, and the evidence was destroyed under suspicious circumstances after credible witnesses received intense threats. The theft of sand by companies is not just limited to Jamaica, and there have been multiple cases in the United States as well. Companies often break laws and mine sand where it should not be mined, and the punishment they receive is often just a slap on the wrist. The video ends by emphasizing the importance of regulation and compliance of sand mining to achieve sustainable development and not compromise future generations’ ability to meet their needs.

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