Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Discusses Cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Discusses Cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse
Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Discusses Cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses various cases related to satanic ritual abuse, organized child kidnapping rings, and the use of tactics to control the masses by infiltrating secret organizations and creating traumatic environments.

He also discusses the Illuminati and their goals, the prevalence of satanic cults in America, and the discovery of tunnels at a school where children were allegedly subjected to abuse.

Gunderson provides evidence of corruption within the government and the mainstream media controlled by powerful people and politicians. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of educating oneself and sharing information with others to combat these issues.

Later, FBI Chief Ted Gunderson touches on an audience member’s question about where to go for help if they cannot trust the police or government. Gunderson offers his help and phone number as a point of contact and advises people to confirm conversations with the police in writing via certified mail.

He also discusses his belief in the Illuminati’s control over multiple government agencies and the chemtrail controversy. The video also features a mother’s heart-wrenching story of her children’s victimization by a satanic abuser and her plea for help from the community to stop the abuse of children.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson recounts a private investigation he conducted into the case of Dr. Jeffy R. McDonald, who was convicted of murdering his wife and two children at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1970. Gunderson obtained a signed confession from Melina Stokely, a member of a satanic cult who said that the murders were committed by her cult group during her initiation. In his investigations, Gunderson noticed the evidence was often lost, destroyed, or stolen and saw signs of corruption, indicating the existence of a network involved in drugs, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, and other illegal activities.


In this section, Ted Gunderson, a former FBI chief, discusses his belief that there is a extensive conspiracy that involves pornography, drugs, corruption, pedophilia, organized child kidnapping rings, the CIA, and more. He specifically mentions an organization in Washington, D.C. called the Finders, which he claims is a CIA front involved in international trafficking of children. Gunderson also discusses the Illuminati and their 25 goals, which includes preaching liberalism and using ideas of freedom to bring about class wars. He urges people to educate themselves and share his research and books with others.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses the 14 goals of the Illuminati, which include the use of force and invisible power resources, mob psychology, alcohol and drugs to corrupt the youth, seizing property, controlling the press, and creating obedient candidates for public office. Gunderson also provides evidence of the government’s involvement in drug operations and the mainstream media being controlled by powerful people and politicians. He concludes by stating that the Illuminati’s tactics are still being used today by the men behind the scenes.


In this section, Ted Gunderson talks about the tactics used by those in power to control the masses, including fermenting traumatic situations, creating industrial depression and financial panics, and infiltrating secret organizations such as Freemasonry for their own purposes. He also discusses the use of subliminal messages in political logos and the importance of building up armaments with police and soldiers for protection. Additionally, Gunderson mentions Presidential Directive 25, a classified secret which allows the U.S. President to transfer power to the Secretary General of the United Nations in the event of a crisis. Finally, he warns about the dangers of outcome-based education programs and the use of national and international laws to destroy civilization.


In this section, former FBI chief Ted Gunderson discusses the satanic cult movement in America and its connection to the Illuminati. He discusses how the writings of Alistair Crawley, a well-known occultist, are used as a guide for these satanic cults, including the practice of human sacrifice. Gunderson estimates that there are over 3 million practicing Satanists in America and that around 50,000 individuals are sacrificed every year during the eight basic Satanic holidays. He also notes that the federal government recognizes Satanism as a religion. However, records related to a case involving Linda indicate that the word Satanism was brought up by her husband’s defense attorney, and the records have been sealed.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses the Satanic Ritual Abuse that takes place in the world. He mentions that this movement has set up preschools worldwide for the purpose of getting their hands on children. In Linda Wiggins’ case, the children have been exposed to sex from the time her ex-husband got his hands on those babies right up to the present time. Gunderson talks about the McMartin case, where children had said they were taken into tunnels under the school and were sexually molested involved in ceremonies with adults with robes, candles, chanting, adults with no clothes on under their robes, and brought back in time for the parent to pick up the kids. Authorities didn’t find anything, and it took 34 days to dig tunnels under the school.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses the discovery of tunnels at a school where children were allegedly subjected to satanic ritual abuse. The tunnels were found during the trial of Ray Bucky, who was accused of being involved in the abuse. Despite strong evidence and the children’s identification of prominent figures as perpetrators, the tunnels were not used as evidence in the trial. The tunnels were hand-dug, with a triangular or semi-circular shape, and were wide enough for children to walk through. The entrance to the tunnel was later filled in, with a plastic Disney bag found buried beneath the ground.


In this section, the details of the underground tunnels connected to McMartin Preschool and the artifacts discovered in the tunnels are discussed. The tunnels were found to extend from the bathrooms off the school’s office and classroom to the front yard of the triplex next door, concealed from the street by a three-car garage. Archaeologists discovered that the floor of the 39 by 41-inch area under a hole cut in this neighbor’s bathroom, where the kids said they were being taken up through a trapdoor, had been excavated and subsequently tilled. The artifacts discovered in the tunnels included small white plastic clay with three pentagrams hand-drawn on the top, animal bones, and a plastic Disney bag.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses his investigation into satanic ritual abuse at a site in Crestline, California. Gunderson discovered tunnels and satanic symbols at the site but when he offered the information to the prosecutor in the McMartin case, they were not interested. Gunderson describes the symbols found, including the number 666 and the Seal of Amazon, and explains their significance in satanic ritual practices. He notes that the site was highly inaccessible and likely used for secretive purposes.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses two cases related to satanic ritual abuse. The McMartin case, one of the most publicized abuses of children, involved multiple allegations against a preschool. Although private investigators had gathered significant evidence, the case failed, and no one was held responsible. In addition, he worked with Lou Bear, whose children had told him about being sexually molested and exposed to satanic activities. Although Gunderson had visual evidence to present during Lou’s trial, the judge would not allow him to testify. Gunderson shows multiple drawings made by children related to the abuse, one of the most notable being the presence of goat’s head on a totem pole, which pointed towards the highest level of satanism present in the case.


In this section, the speaker discusses a case involving a group of children who were seen in a park in Tallahassee, Florida in 1987. The police were called and traced the van back to a group called the Finders in Washington DC. The Metropolitan Police Department raided the Finders headquarters and found paraphernalia related to international trafficking of children. It was later discovered that the CIA was involved in this covert operation to traffic children all over the world. The speaker also mentions the MK Ultra experiments with mind control on children and emphasizes the corruption at play in this case.


In this section, a woman recounts her experience of discovering that her children were being abused by a Satanic cult. She initially had no idea what was happening, but her children’s strange and disturbing behavior ultimately led her to a hospital where she learned that her case was a “classic case of SRA,” or Satanic ritual abuse. Despite seeking help from various organizations, she found that no one wanted to acknowledge the existence of SRA, and she ultimately lost everything she owned as a result of her efforts to protect her children.


In this section, a mother speaks about how her life has been destroyed due to her children being victims of Satanic ritual abuse. She talks about her own children, who she says have lived with a satanic abuser, and how it’s difficult for her to deal with it all alone. She also shares a heartbreaking story of an 8-year-old boy who was crucified alive and skinned. She urges everyone to unite against this issue and help save John and Ben, her own children, so that a precedent is set to stop this from happening to any more children. She asks for help through prayer, donations, letters, and forming a task force to save everyone else affected.


In this section of the video, an audience member asks the former FBI chief Ted Gunderson where they should go if they have a problem and they can’t trust the police or the government. Gunderson offers to help and gives out his phone number as a point of contact. He advises anyone who talks to the police to confirm their conversation in writing via certified mail. When asked about the JonBenet Ramsey case, Gunderson states that the signs of Satanic ritual abuse were evident, as is often the case in cases involving pedophile rings and occult activity.


In this section, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discusses his belief that a conspiracy group called the Illuminati has infiltrated multiple government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, Military Intelligence, and NSA. He notes that the CIA has been called the enforcement arm of the Council on Foreign Relations, which he believes is controlled by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families through the Federal Reserve and Bank of England. He also discusses the chemtrail controversy and the pilots who are allegedly dropping chemicals on people, urging them to come forward and share their stories anonymously.

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