Social Media Bot Network Analysis

Social Media Bot Network Analysis
Social Media Bot Network Analysis

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! In this video brought to you by Cook Unity (because who doesn’t want some fresh meals when discussing potential political bot networks?), we dive into the world of social media bots. You know, those pesky automated accounts that make it difficult to trust anything you see online?

But fear not, the intrepid AI-based social experiment (because what could go wrong with that?) has uncovered a vast network of directed bot traffic, infiltrating everything from American politics to Asian adult content (which the author totally stayed away from, for obvious reasons).

And get this, there’s a Blue Wave propaganda network being spun up again for the 2024 election! Who would have thought? But don’t worry, the author tested a bunch of profiles with his own set of criteria, and concluded that they were definitely bots. Or maybe not.

Bot prediction tools are useful, but maybe should not be relied on exclusively, especially with the current push by Elon Musk to lock down and pay for much of the platform. So, there you have it folks, just another day in the exciting world of social media botnets!

For Real

The video describes a social experiment that used AI-generated content to create a false identity in order to highlight the dangers of human beings losing control of reality due to not being able to trust anything seen online.

The experiment involved using bonded social media accounts to create the appearance of authority, and the creator discovered a directed bot network that was inflating follower counts. They then used Twitter’s API and a program called geffy to analyze results and visually graph the composition of the botnet interactions.

The creator found a nearly 10-year widespread democratically aligned Blue Wave propaganda network that was used in 2016, 2020 and is being spun back up right now for 2024. The network contained integrated bot traffic that focused on political, adult, or crypto themes, and had ties to Indian politics, American politics, adult content, and crypto.

The creator discovered that there is a tremendous bot network that has now been spun up twice and is gearing up again for the 2024 election.

The video also includes a sponsorship message for Cook Unity… So there’s that!

Let’s Sing Along

On the brink of losing control,
Online content takes its toll.
AI-generated identities,
Spreading false info with ease.

A social experiment tried and true,
Exposed the dangers we’re going through.
Bots, bots, everywhere we see,
Fake followers, fake activity.

From politics to adult content,
These networks are fully bent.
Democratic propaganda,
Is the aim for the bot agenda.

Thanks to Geffy and Twitter’s API,
We got to the root of the lie.
Cook Unity’s sponsoring this fight,
Fresh meals to keep us energized.

Don’t trust what you see online,
Bot networks are the new landmine.
Stay vigilant, stay aware,
Or reality will soon disappear.

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