Real History of World War I and America’s Involvement in It

Real History of World War I and America's Involvement in It
Real History of World War I and America's Involvement in It

Oh, it’s just your typical story of countries arguing over who gets to play with their weapons and then suddenly they’re all in a big war! Germany is pointed all fingers at and America didn’t want to get involved, but they couldn’t resist showing off their global power by sending troops to every corner of the earth.

Even William Jennings Bryan, a devout Christian, got so disgusted with Woodrow Wilson’s handling of the war that he quit his job. And then there was that whole Lusitania ship thing with accusations of carrying war stuff and warnings that it might get sunk.

The really cool thing about this war was that conscription made sure everyone got to join in on the dying, not just the professional soldiers. Plus, civilians got to die more than military people – that’s always fun for the Satanic elite. Turkey killed a whole bunch of civilians and Serbia had a lot of disease deaths, but Germany and Russia won the prize for losing the most people. America, of course, also had to join in and lost a measly 50,000.

For Real

The document talks about the events leading to World War I, highlighting how Russia mobilized against Austria and Germany declared war on Russia, invaded West through Luxembourg and Belgium, and declared war on France. Great Britain entered the war due to the invasion of Belgium while America remained undecided.

President Woodrow Wilson promised to keep the US out of the European War and follow the Monroe Doctrine of allowing European monarchies to exhaust themselves, but America had become a global power with possessions, and it was not likely to stay neutral.

The involvement of Woodrow Wilson and America’s participation in World War I was questionable, with the secretary of state resigning in disgust over Wilson’s handling of the war. When the Lusitania passenger liner was to sail from New York, the German Embassy passed out leaflets warning people that the ship was liable to be sunk, and many agreed that the ship was carrying Munitions for the war effort in England.

The casualty figures of the war are difficult to ascertain, with conscription distributing deaths over a large cross-section of society instead of the professional soldiers. Civilian deaths were much higher than military deaths, with a million or more civilians dying in Turkey as a result of the massacre of Turkish Armenians, while only 325 000 are recorded as dying in Turkish military action.

Russia and Germany are thought to have lost 1.8 million, with France losing about 1.3 million, and Britain losing about the same. America lost 50 000 in the war.

Dr. Gene Kim argues Satanic occult rituals may have taken place…

Let’s Sing Along

From peace to war, overnight it came
Russia, Austria, Germany, all met with shame
Invading through Belgium, Germany caused a stir
Britain declared war, America didn’t concur

Wilson promised peace, to keep US out
But recent global power made doubt
Bryan resigned as Christians raised concerns
Lusitania’s sinking gave one excuse to turn

Difficult to count, the casualties of war
Conscription and disease spread far
Civilian deaths surpassed the rest
Turkey, Serbia, France and Britain, put to the test

Overall, the world was changed
Millions lost and rearranged
A war that impacted far and wide
A history that we can’t divide.

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