Interview with Captain Dan Hanley – Airline Pilot and 9/11 Whistleblower

Interview with Captain Dan Hanley - Airline Pilot and 9/11 Whistleblower
Interview with Captain Dan Hanley - Airline Pilot and 9/11 Whistleblower

Captain Dan Hanley, a former commercial airline pilot and aviation whistleblower, spoke on The Michael Decon Program about the corruption and safety concerns present in the airline industry, particularly in regards to the events of 9/11.

Hanley founded the website 911 Pilot Whistleblowers to expose the fact that the 9/11 planes were remotely controlled, and that neither the hijackers nor experienced pilots could have flown the flight profiles at the given speed and altitude.

Hanley also discussed his personal experience, including being illegally terminated by United Airlines for speaking out about safety issues and the grounding of pilots who are whistleblowers.

Additionally, Hanley shared skepticism about historical events and a belief that the government and media have misled and manipulated the public.

When speaking about the damage done to the Pentagon, Hanley provided evidence that a 757 plane struck the building and described the off-body parts and identifiable passengers found as proof of a plane crash.

Hanley also expressed his belief that a group of powerful people, including Mossad, CIA, MI6 and the Rothschild cabal, were behind the attacks.

He discussed his experiences as a federal whistleblower and the lack of response he received from relevant government agencies when he attempted to bring forth evidence.

Hanley encouraged individuals to speak out until justice is served and provided tips on what to do in case of a nuclear explosion.


Captain Dan Hanley, a former commercial airline pilot, received a plethora of certifications and flew different aircraft in his 35-year career. He shared his experience flying for the Navy during the Cold War and his tenure at United Airlines. However, his career ended due to his vocal opinions on the safety and security implications of the 9/11 events, and he was illegally terminated. In this section, Captain Hanley emphasizes that he, as an experienced aircraft pilot, could not have flown the 9/11 flight profiles at the given speed and altitude, especially the Pentagon profile, and neither could the alleged hijackers.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley, who worked as an airline pilot, talks about his six-year fight with the US government AFAA and airline to expose the corruption in the industry. Despite evidence and witnesses, his case was dismissed. He founded a website called 911 Pilot Whistleblowers and serves as its Director and international public spokesperson. The website focuses on efforts to put a stop to the corruption that was prevalent in the airline industry, especially during the time of the 9/11 attacks. Hanley explains his personal experience during the tragedy and mentions that the website aims to shed light on the events of 9/11.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley explains that the main purpose of the 911 Pilots organization is to demonstrate that the planes used in the attack were remotely controlled through a system called the uninterrupted autopilot. According to Hanley, this system allows a remote source to take complete control of the aircraft autopilot and flight management computer, and fly it to its target. Hanley has been trying to recruit active and retired pilots to attest to the fact that neither the hijackers nor they themselves could have flown the 9/11 flight profile. Hanley cites the example of the Pentagon profile flown by a 29-year-old Saudi Arabian hijacker named Hani Hanjour, who was a poor student and could barely speak English, and the maneuver he made in his first attempt was nearly impossible even for experienced pilots. Hanley suspects that there might be more to the story behind the alleged hijackers.


In this section of the interview, Captain Dan Hanley discusses the suspicious activities of one of the 9/11 hijackers, Hani Hanjour, prior to the attacks. Hanjour attempted to rent a single-engine airplane but was found to be an incompetent pilot by instructors who evaluated him. Despite this, Hanjour was later able to skillfully maneuver a commercial airliner during the attacks. Hanley believes that this evidence has been covered up by the FBI and the 9/11 Commission, and shares his attempts to track down witnesses and present this information to the government.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley discusses the lack of a criminal investigation into the 9/11 attacks and the failures of the 9/11 commission to address the questions and concerns of the victims’ families. He explains that the commission was underfunded, time-constrained, and set up to fail, with the executive director having the final report outlined before the commission began their work. Additionally, no pilots were allowed to testify before the commission regarding the absurd assertion that the terrorists were able to fly the planes into the World Trade Center towers. Hanley also shares his experience of being grounded permanently by the FAA under the guise of being mentally unstable after speaking out about safety and security concerns in the airline industry.


In this section of the interview, Captain Dan Hanley discusses his efforts to raise safety concerns with his employer, United Airlines, and the union that represented him. Despite following Federal Aviation Administration regulations and submitting multiple reports to his employer and union, he was stonewalled and eventually grounded for “psychological” reasons. When he sought legal advice from mental health professionals, he was advised to undergo psychological evaluations to protect himself and ensure that he was fit to fly, but United Airlines used the results of these evaluations to further justify their decision to ground him.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley discusses how he was told to submit to the Employee Assistance Program after an incident with a flight attendant, which was endorsed by the company, union, and FAA. After flying to Chicago and meeting with a flight surgeon, he was taken to a mental health facility without realizing it and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a psychologist who had no knowledge of aviation. Despite having evidence and recorded conversations, he was ignored by the government after trying to report the situation and ultimately went through a tough experience that impacted his wife and children.


In this section of the interview, Captain Dan Hanley discusses how whistleblowers in the airline industry are treated by the government and how it affects their families. He shares his story of losing his 27-year marriage and two children who blame him for the divorce. Hanley is no longer a U.S citizen because of what he experienced as a whistleblower. He is now part of the Whistleblowing Airline Pilots Association, a grassroots organization that aims to expose the wrongful process of eliminating whistleblowing pilots in the industry. Hanley had lost his 35-year career and reputation as a pilot, while his children were the ultimate cost.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley and Michael Decon discuss the patriotism that was pumped up after 9/11, even though it was a façade and the government deluded people with false patriotism. Furthermore, the media worked with the government to instigate patriotism, and we have witnessed this again, even with the recent COVID pandemic. Hanley asserts that the CIA exists not to solve problems but to create them, and this is evident in their involvement in JFK’s assassination, their lies about weapons of mass destruction, and their use of hijackers as their assets. Hanley believes that various groups, such as the Bilderberg, the Rothschild Cabal, and the 13 Bloodlines, collaborated for years to plan 9/11. Additionally, he questions American gullibility from historical events such as Pearl Harbor.


In this section of the interview, Captain Dan Hanley discusses his skepticism of various historical events, including the Kennedy assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Operation Paperclip, and the official narrative of the 9/11 attacks. Hanley shares his belief that 9/11 and other events were a test of global gullibility and that the media is complicit in propagating false narratives. He also mentions a book by a physics professor from the University of Punjab who claims that bin Laden died in 2005 and was fired and thrown in jail when he spoke publicly about it. A caller also shares their experience of being told not to take a mental test by their union and a mechanic’s belief that they installed a box in the plane that crashed.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley is interviewed on The Michael Decon Program about the existence of an autopilot system that could have taken control of the airplane during the 9/11 attacks. An avionics technician named Wayne Anderson saw this system in operation back in 1996 on a Boeing 757 and had given an interview after which he was chastised by McDonald Douglas. The system has existed in some form since 1944 and is derived from cruise missile technology. Captain Hanley and the caller on the show agree that it would have been impossible for the hijackers to navigate and control the planes manually. The accuracy of navigation systems on modern commercial jet aircraft is such that when the weather is below a certain visibility, pilots are required to Auto Land the airplane, where it tracks the center line of the runway until the Pilot disconnects the autopilot.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley and Michael Decon discuss the controversy surrounding what hit the Pentagon on 9/11. The argument has been whether it was a missile or American 77, or if an airplane was even involved at all. Hanley shares that there were 99 pilot whistleblowers who couldn’t have flown the plane, but he also acknowledges that many different theories exist. The FBI won’t release the camera footage around the site, which adds to the issue. They also address the fact that there are many people online who try to discredit those who question the official narrative, and that some of these individuals have been paid to do so.


In this section of the interview, the hosts and callers discuss the negative actions of the CIA and FBI, with one caller highlighting the Waco incident and Oklahoma City bombing as examples. Another caller references a Wikipedia page detailing the technology available in 1984 that allowed for remote control aircraft navigation and compares it to the advanced technology today. The hosts express the importance of educating oneself on these topics and encourage callers to share their opinions and be a part of the program.


In this section of the interview, a caller discusses his experience of witnessing the events of 9/11 in a sports bar in New Zealand and the disbelief and anger that followed. He talks about the hostile times where people were not allowed to speak against the narrative that was being pushed and how this lack of discourse allowed the official narrative to persist. They also discuss the self-censorship that is present in American culture and how it has been a factor in the ability to speak out against the narrative. Finally, they touch upon the idea that this incident was part of a larger plan that had been in the works for many years and the difficulty in discussing this narrative because of the perceived association with anti-Semitism.


In this section, the caller expresses their belief that Israelis have no business making laws in the United States and criticizes his family members who refuse to question the official narrative of 9/11. He recounts how he has been visited by the FBI several times but takes pleasure in cracking jokes with them. Later, another caller joins the show, identifying himself as being with Scientists for 9/11 Truth, and claims that there is evidence of a 757 hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley was interviewed live on The Michael Decon Program. They discussed the evidence of what happened at the Pentagon during 9/11. There was a lot of misinformation about the Pentagon, with many people believing there was some sort of missile or farce happening, but the evidence shows a 757 plane caused the damage. Photos show all the damage on the first floor and the extent of the impact damage on the outside. There were videos taken that recorded the plane crossing the lawn and evidence of the right and left wingtips and engines. The recovery of the off-body parts and identification of all the actual passengers provide compelling evidence of what happened.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley is being interviewed about his belief that a plane struck the Pentagon on 9/11, not a missile. He mentions the hate mail he receives and that his stance has been thoroughly researched. Hanley goes on to discuss his belief that it was a group of powerful people, including Mossad CIA MI6, who were behind the events of 9/11, and that the Rothschild cabal and the creation of the nation state of Israel were part of the motivation for the attacks. He also mentions that his experiences with 9/11 caused him to become interested in conspiracy theories and seeking the truth, which has become a lifelong pursuit.


In this section of the interview, Captain Dan Hanley discusses his belief that the military-industrial complex benefitted from the 6.2 trillion dollar expenditure since 9/11. He also mentions insider trading that occurred before the events of 9/11 and how it is a clear sign of a false flag. Hanley encourages people to visit to read interviews with pilots around the world who all believe that the official narrative could not have been true. He also shares his experience with trying to report information concerning the crime to various government agencies, but ultimately being stonewalled for 30 months.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley discusses his experiences with federal whistleblower cases and the lack of response he received when attempting to bring forth evidence to relevant government agencies. He shares the story of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, who presented 57 evidence packages to a U.S attorney in New York, which led to the announcement of a grand jury investigation into their allegations. However, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology blocked their evidence, and the grand jury was prevented from moving forward. Hanley talks about how they have exhausted all political and legal avenues in the United States and are now trying to reach out to the International Community to investigate the 9/11 crime.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley emphasizes the importance of continuing to speak out about 9/11 until justice is served. He expresses optimism that the truth will eventually come to light with the power of information exchange in the information age. He also provides his social media information for those who want to follow his vocal opinions on the topic. The segment ends with a clip from a 2001 interview with Donald Trump about 9/11, where he suggests that the towers may have been brought down by bombs in addition to the planes. The host encourages listeners to keep speaking out and never stay silent about these important issues.


In this section, Captain Dan Hanley provides tips on what to do in case of a nuclear explosion, advising individuals to get inside a building and move away from windows. He goes on to suggest staying inside, shutting all doors and windows, and having a basement or getting as far into the middle of the building as possible. If one was outside after the blast, he recommends getting clean immediately, removing and bagging all outer clothing to avoid radioactive dust or ash away from the body. Finally, he advises staying tuned, following media for more information, and not stepping outside until officials say it’s safe.

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