Deadly Medicines – Prescription Drugs are Third Leading Cause of Death

Deadly Medicines - Prescription Drugs are Third Leading Cause of Death
Deadly Medicines - Prescription Drugs are Third Leading Cause of Death

Oh, what a wonderful world of drugs we live in! Prescription drugs are killing people left and right and we can’t seem to get enough of them. In Denmark, we’re all popping pills like candy, with some lucky folks getting to take FIVE different drugs every day!

And who cares if the elderly are more susceptible to drug side effects, let’s give them ALL the drugs. Arthritis? Migraine? Back pain? Just take some highly lethal drugs, it’ll be fine.

Big Pharma has us all under their thumb and even the FDA and European Medicines Agency are in on it, approving drugs that can kill us with uncertainty, because why not? Let’s just see what happens.

Be sure to take your happy pill, even if you’re not really that unhappy – it might make you violent and end up killing you, but it’s worth a shot, right?

And don’t worry about all those missing deaths in clinical trials, who needs accurate data when you can just make it up as you go along? So, pop those pills and live a life without drugs…wait, that doesn’t make sense.

For Real

This video is a presentation by Dr. Peter Gøtzsche, a Danish physician, and researcher, who talks about the dangers of prescription drugs and how they have become a leading cause of death. He discusses how Big Pharma has corrupted the healthcare system, creating a society that is dependent on drugs.

He talks about the alarming number of daily doses of prescription drugs in Denmark, where on average, each person can take more than one drug every day from birth to death, and how the elderly, who tolerate these drugs the least, are the ones who mostly take them.

He highlights the lethality of arthritis drugs and antidepressants, and how the drug companies cheat with their data, concealing the risks and side effects of these drugs.

Dr. Gøtzsche emphasizes the danger of psychiatric drugs, like antipsychotics and antidepressants, and how they can lead to suicide and homicide, and the lack of reliable data and blinding in psychiatric drug trials.

He argues that the data from clinical trials are often biased, and there is a need for a truly independent evaluation of drugs, blinding during data analysis and writing of papers, and large long-term trials before marketing approval to get the industry to do medical education to ban marketing on drugs.

Lastly, he advises patients to read the packaging, search before they go to the pharmacy, use drugs as little as possible, and stop taking drugs when they are not necessary.

Poison or Cure?

We’re told, that prescription drugs are intended to heal us, to treat our illnesses and improve our quality of life. Yet, shockingly, prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in both the United States and Europe, behind only heart disease and cancer. This alarming statistic is a wakeup call to the dangers that lurk within our medicine cabinets.

According to Peter Gøtzsche, approximately half of those who die due to prescription drugs have taken them correctly. The other half die as a result of errors that include taking too high a dose of a drug. This highlights the need for caution and diligence when it comes to managing our own healthcare and taking prescription drugs.

The drug industry, however, seems to have a stranglehold and monopoly over treatments, and their enormous revenue is dependent on meting out synthetic drugs rather than advocating natural treatments that cannot be patented. As a result, natural treatments, which could be a safer alternative, are often overlooked or disregarded in favor of expensive drugs that have been heavily marketed and prescribed.

It is time for a change in the way we approach healthcare. We must demand that our medical system prioritize the health and well-being of patients, rather than the profits of drug companies. This means advocating for natural treatments, investing in research on the long-term effects of drugs, and improving patient education and access to information about the risks and benefits of different treatments.

Let’s Sing Along

It’s a deadly game we play
With prescription drugs everyday
Big Pharma’s corruption is to blame
For the lives lost, it’s such a shame

Arthritis drugs and antidepressants too
Are highly lethal, it’s nothing new
Psychiatric meds are the third leading cause
Of death – it should give us pause

Blinded trials and missing deaths
Make the evidence suspect, at best
We need change, a culture shift
To truly make a positive lift

Read the packaging, be aware
Search and research, show you care
Live a life with fewer drugs
And avoid becoming a statistic, no shrugs.

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