In Plane Site – 9/11 Documentary with Pentagon Attack Questions

In Plane Site - 9/11 Documentary with Pentagon Attack Questions
In Plane Site - 9/11 Documentary with Pentagon Attack Questions

We’ve got some serious evidence showing that a 757 didn’t actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11. We’ve got photos of a hole that’s not big enough for a plane and no wreckage to be seen anywhere. Plus, the roof of the Pentagon hadn’t even collapsed yet in some of these photos. But hey, don’t worry about any of that because the government told us what really happened and we should just blindly accept it. Right? Right.

For Real

This documentary discusses the events of September 11, 2001, specifically the attack on the Pentagon. The narrator acknowledges that people watching the documentary may fall into one of three categories: those who deny any conspiracy theories, those who are violently opposed to them, and those who are not surprised and knew it all along.

The idea of conspiracy theories is explored, with the word “conspiracy” being the first part of the phrase, and “theory” being the active word.

The documentary then examines the events of 9/11, specifically the four events that occurred within an hour and fifteen minutes of one another. The lack of credible claim of responsibility is mentioned, as is the idea that groups or agencies involved in the events would do anything they could to obfuscate or cover up information that might lead to their discovery.

The focus then shifts to the attack on the Pentagon, with the discrepancy between the damage caused by the 757 that hit the building and the damage that should have been caused by that much fuel being ignited being explored. Photographs of the damage to the upper floors and roof area of the Pentagon are shown, and the lack of evidence of a crater or wreckage is discussed.

The documentary includes photographs taken before the wall of the Pentagon collapsed, which also show a lack of wreckage, with wire spools and the broken concrete facing of the building being used as reference points.

The documentary concludes by asking questions about the events of 9/11 and the attack on the Pentagon, and suggesting that the evidence presented should be scrutinized.

Bullet Points

  • The documentary raises questions about the events of September 11th, including the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
  • The damage at the Pentagon is deemed inconsistent with the damage caused by a 757.
  • Photographic evidence does not show any recognizable wreckage from a 757 at the Pentagon.
  • The release of only five frames from a security camera at the Pentagon raises questions about the lack of video evidence for the most secure building in the country.
  • The article “From Deception to Revelation” claims that the jet caused a crater 100 feet wide that ripped away the walls of all five stories of the building, but photographic evidence shows a hole approximately 14 to 16 feet across with no wreckage from a 757 on the outside of the building.

Let’s Sing Along

In the land of the free,
Where truth is hard to see,
There’s talk of conspiracy,
On September 11th, oh can’t you see?

The first two towers fell,
The Pentagon was hit as well,
But questions began to swell,
About the tale they used to tell.

A French website caught our eye,
Saying something just didn’t fly,
The photos didn’t seem to lie,
A 757 didn’t make that guy.

No sign of wreckage on the ground,
And a hole too small to astound,
No engines, wings or seats to be found,
Just a mystery that’s gone unbound.

The official story starts to crack,
As the evidence just won’t retract,
From the facts we can’t turn back,
The truth is what we lack.

So let’s ask the question why,
Just one camera caught the sky,
At the Pentagon where so many died,
Is there more we need to try?

In theory, it’s just a thought,
But once the evidence is brought,
The truth we can’t be fought,
And justice must be sought.

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